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Discussion in 'Formula Feeding' started by Zana, Jan 31, 2011.

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    Hi everyone,
    I could do with a little help again.

    I have been combi feeding Zane since he was a week and a half as it seemed my breast milk was never enough for him - he would be latched on for hours and scream for more when taken off and put down to sleep. I introduced him to formula SMA gold Stage 1 and the hunger problem seemed to go - he seemed much more satisfied. I kept him on this milk and did more formula feeding as I could see him becoming more frustrated and hungry with breast milk until he started feeding almost 8oz each feed which was around every 2/3 hours again screaming for a feed as though we had never ever fed him! He could also get quite windy (not colicky)

    Just over a week ago we put him on the Cow and Gate milk for hungrier babies (Stage 2) and again for a couple of days he seemed more satisfied. He was going 4 hours between feeds and one night even went 5 hours.

    Over the last couple of days he has gone back to not being satistifed and very unsettled (struggling to sleep). He is still on the Cow and gate stage 2 and will drink between 4 and 5oz each feed. He will occassionally sleep (or settle while awake which takes ages) for about an hour or two and then screams for a feed.

    I'm not sure what to do really and could do with some advice. Do i keep him on hungry baby formula or change back to stage 1? Could his unsettled state be something other than the formula? A growth spurt??
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    I will start by saying I don't have an answer as I havent experienced this as such, but I hate to read and run so i will give you what came to mind.

    He is still very young, and some people may disagree with me but at this age feeding on demand is perfectly expected as he is growing a a massive rate. He may just be a very hungry baby. It may be you may have to try a diff milk that will satisy him better (i.e a different make). I do know from my child and our experience that he will settle much better on the Hipp hungry baby than he ever did on the Aptamil hungry baby.

    Speak to your HV see what she says. Otherwise I would say if he's hungry feed him and try not to worry too much about what he should be taking.
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    I agree with this advice!:thumbup:
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    Thank you :)
    I have decided to put him back on stage 1. I have a feeling the fact that the hungry baby milk sits in their stomachs longer (from what HV says) didn't agree with him as he was really unsettled and always crying when he was awake - pretty grumpy which wasn't like him.

    I have given him the stage 1 again now over 24 hrs and he has been his normal happy old self again sleeping and settling much better. If I have needed to I have just upped his feed by an oz and this seems to be working well, even though we've only been back on it for 24 hrs. I'll see if it lasts!

    Thanks again.

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