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Nerves are getting the better of me


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Sep 26, 2008
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Hi everyone....Me and my husnabd have been ttc for nearly 5 yrs and finally succedded on our 5th round of clomid 50mg(day3-7)...The pregnancy has been confirmed by blood taken and a scan i had 2 weeks ago where they saw the sac with my bean in it...I have really had a rough few yrs(miscarriages)etc and i have anoter scan tommorow and i am petrified something is gonna be wrong..I really have no symptons to speak of!! I feel a little nauseas in the morning but not been sick!! I am peeing quite alot and have been extremely tired but still convincing myself that its not happening...Im so scared and paranoid i just dont know what to do can anyone help me or give me some advise...I dont wanna feel like this anymore!!!!!What can they actually see at 7 weeks scan? xxxSorry for the rant but i want this all to go well more than anythin else in this world xxx:hug:
Its so hard to wait between scans :hugs: I hope all goes well
At 7 weeks, they should be able to measure growth of your sac and bean, and see a heartbeat. Good luck! I can’t help with the nerves as I’d be just the same if I was in your shoes. My only advice is to keep yourself very very occupied so the minutes don’t seem like hours. Play games, start projects, etc etc. AKA just don't keep dwelling on what ifs! You can't prevent what will happen, so focus your energy on something else more productive and beneficial. Good luck!
wishing you all the best! Your symptoms sound good though. I haven;t started to feel sick yet......fingers crossed this lasts!:hugs:
at 7 weeks they should be able to see a heartbeat but everyone is dif ive seen people not see a heartbeat untill around 9/10 weeks & still have a healthy baba, good luck hun x
hey hun, u shud b able 2 c ur bubs heartbeat! i had an early scan at 6 & 8 weeks as iv had mcs! the diff is amasing! the way forward is to stay possitive! possitive thinking helps more than u think i.e if u look 4 a problem ul find 1! i know its hard hunni but im sure u will be fine! and see the minute u see ur wee bubs ul hav a high, its a great feeling! enjoy it! lets us all know how u get on!
Well i had the scan today and everything is a ok We saw and heard the heartbeat and at the moment i am the happiest woman alive...:cloud9: Many thanks for all who replied:hug:caitlin 003.jpg

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