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Newbe! 2nd Month TTC


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Sep 15, 2006
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Hi Everyone. Im New to BnB. Im from Califorina. This my my 2nd month ttc with DH. We are trying for Baby number 1. I havent gotten into charting temps. I look at an ovulation calendar to get an Idea of when I should be O. DH does not want any pressure so we have just baby danced all week. :D What do you think the chances of getting preg are doing it this way. Im a 31 yrs old. Also where is everyone from. Are most of you from the UK?
Hi Suz

Welcome & good luck for a speedy BFP x

Standard information usually shows a woman with a 28 day cycle will ovulate around day x but it's not always the way.

Charting tells you 'after' you have ovulated rather than when your going to ovulate the only thing charting shows in advance is when your period is ready to appear - Many get dips the day before or the morning the witch appears!

A healthy steady sex life throughout the month you have the same chance as a woman charting :D


I'd say a lot of us are UK but there are many members who aren't but you are more than welcome to stay x x
Hi Suz :wave:

Welcome, I'm 29 and DH and I are TTC #1.

You have a fantastic chance, the more laid back the better.
From what I've read if you BD every 2-3 days around ovulation you have a great chance of hitting the target so to speak.

I'm charting but it's mainly just so that I can get an idea of how my own body works.

I look forward to chatting to you.

Charm X
Is it not a good thing if we BD every day? We did take a day off 2 days ago. :oops:
I'd say if you BD every day & start charting you'd win the shagging tiara the girl's have :rofl:

They do say to recharge the spermies though so I'd probably go with once every 2 days!

Can you walk Suz? :fool: :rofl:
In my opinion, and feel free to ignore me I am a man after all:

If you get to know your cycle, and the general rules of ovulation, and keep enjoying the baby dancing when you feel like it. Whether that's every every day or when the mood hits you, just know when the right time is!

It can take some people many months to hit the spot (So to speak).

Wobster don't shoot me but.......

Charting and use of Ovulation kits can put added pressure on you and your OH. Maybe this is something you do if you have no success for a few more months.


Good luck
:rofl: YEP. I go to work with big grin every day. :lol:
LOL Suz :rofl:


Charting and use of Ovulation kits can put added pressure on you and your OH. Maybe this is something you do if you have no success for a few more months.

I won't shoot you - I actually agree the OPKs do as I stopped using them but the charting doesn't - Thats man being man! No chart tells you when you have ovulated until after you have ovulated :p
Surprise you don't walk with a limp!!!

:oops: You guys!

Im Glad I found this site. You guys are too funny! :rofl:
I like you Suz - Yesterday's newbie called us nutters! The cheek :rofl:

Don't you rope me in with your funny ways!!!!
Ok! so this is going to sound dumb :roll: what does Nutter mean? We are slow in here California :oops:
I Get it. NO IM AM NOT BLOND :wink: :lol:
We'd never of guessed you were!! :fool:
How many of you have kids?

How is TTC for their 1st?


I don't have any kids, unless you count my dog and DH. :wink:
No kiddies TTC for number 1 to stick! :D

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