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    This is my third cycle trying. The first month I spotted for a day and thought I had inplantation bleeding only for the :witch: to get me. I asked my dr about this and she said it was probably just an infection as I had never spotted before. I did have a bladder infection a few days later so that may have been it? Last month I thought would be the month as I had syptoms that were similar to when started the pill...wrong again...just bad pms. :growlmad: I was the one that posted I finally got the :) on my opk so tonight so and I will be having a date night and will probably be late picking up the kids tomorrow as I wouldnt mind some more :sex: to help things along. :blush: He has kids already and this will be my first. Fingers crossed!
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    Welcome :hi:
    This is our first month trying, just heading into the 2ww now :D
    Best of luck on your ttc journey! :dust:

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