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No symptoms!


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Aug 31, 2006
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I have no symtoms again with this pregnancy,

I didnt have any with the last one so im now worried this one is going the same way.

Im waiting for the doc to phone me back (phone appoinment) so i can tell him/her about the pregnancy and get it confermed and me booked in etc, im wondering whether to explain everything and ask for an early scan?

I dont want him to think im being silly or anything coz really there is no reason for it to happen again i guess, im just being paranoid.

I want morning sickness! lol

The only time we pray for mornig sickness eh??
I don't thin he will think you are being silly at all, its perfectly normal
Aww Layla .. if you feel it would put you at ease then ask for the scan. It wont hurt to go through everything with him and he wont think you are being silly .. just concerned.
Layla your not bieng silly tis understandable.

I hope you get the early scan to put your mind at ease, think the doctor should agree if you explain your curcumstances?

Thinking of you, must be a very difficult time for you to try and cope with everything all at once ....

Hope you get some symptoms soon!
:hugs: :hugs: :hugs:
Hope they ring you back SOON Layla it's a nightmare hanging around for that phone to ring :hugs:

I hope they give you an early scan ... I think they will surely?

What have they been like with you in the past?

BIG :hugs: & baby glue for us both.

.... your ticker is the same as mine apart from your the 22nd & 'Im the 21st December?
they rang back, they couldnt book me in over the phone so i have to go down in the week, i didnt mention the scan, i bottled it lol

Wobbles, im not sure when i caught coz i wasnt doing my temps, but i took ovulation from the day after my EWCM stopped, so there is a good chance we could be exactly the same dates! lol

Im so pleased for you, really have a good feeling about it, i was looking over your last reading yesterday too... :D

sticky baby glue for us both! will be great to be pregnant together

woo-hoo xmas babies ,I had a dream that you two got preggie believe me it was so vivid I told Dave who said I was laa-laa,but I dreamt Laylas came xmas day seruisley no wind up

Layla big hugs and to the two of you a Vat of super-strength glue.

Two girls I am also predicting.
I've just noticed your ticker from another post! Congratulations hun, I'm so pleased for you.:hugs:

In a couple of weeks you'll no doubt be on here complaining about morning sickness!!! :D
xmas day!!! Bexxie!! lol dont be jinxing me now lol :)

Layla I would defo see if you could get an early scan, just to put your mind at rest.....but as you say there is no reason that it should turn out bad for you again babe :hugs:

As for the lack of symptoms, I was like that til about 10 weeks, I was praying for severe morning sickness and whatever else could be thrown at me, just to make me feel better about the pregnancy :blush:......well I certainly got my wish! :rofl: .....Hyperemisis, threatened M/C & SPD! Lovely! But kept me on my toes! :) So don't panic babe, you could still have it all to come, but lets hope not that bad! :lol: :hugs: x

Congrats hun , i hope this pregnancy sticks !
How lovely too a christmas baby
:hugs: I hope that you get your morning sickness soon babe:hugs: Also, I really think that you should not keep anything from your dr when you go see him next week, and if a scan is what you want to make you feel better, then demad it. :hugs: Sending you loads of positive thought and Baby Glue:hugs:

Im so pleased for you, really have a good feeling about it, i was looking over your last reading yesterday too... :D

sticky baby glue for us both! will be great to be pregnant together

I read over my reading 2 nights ago as well :rofl:

Would be good to be together. Do you find it odd we had the same due date last year? :D
oh yeah! i forgot about that, how spooky! lol

I think i had my first slight touch of queesyness this morning! :happydance:

It went once i had breakfast tho lol

LOL you 2 are destined to have these babies on the ssame day lol!

Just been to the docs to get it all confirmed, i tol dher all about the bleeding on Coby, the last misscarriage and the consultant appoinments.

She said she belives me that i think im about 5 weeks ish, but she is going to take it from the day of my last period coz then it makes me about 11 weeks (which im not) but then that means i will have a scan hopefuly in the next 2 weeks to put my mind at rest and to be given my real due date.

Just got to wait for the midwife to call now

Sounds promising for you layla!

Hope you get your scan ASAP ...


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