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Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Third Trimester' started by hayley x, Dec 19, 2009.

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    I wasnt sure which section to put this in but I guess its more appropriate here. Just recently (past week) I havent been able to sleep, I know why I cant sleep, I miss my baby boy sooo much and I'm dreading xmas, on top of worrying about this pregnancy along with the nightly nightmares :cry:

    Its got to the point that I'm just living, I dont do anything, I'm over tired and cant sleep. Tonight I have got an awful headache and seeing lots of dots (I had pre eclampsia 1st pregnancy) but I had a doppler scan yesterday and it all went well so it couldnt have changed now could it? Could it just be from the over tiredness? Has anyone been given any sleeping tabs when pregnant?

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    Hayley I'm really sorry and completely understand why you are worrying so much. I think though it is common not to sleep in pregnancy. I havent slept properly for the last 6 months!
    I dont think anything would have changed from your doppler scan yesterday. white dots can be just BP related i think as I get them for low BP. You could always call a MW tomorrow. I'm sure you won't be given sleeping tablets. I have learnt just to losten to my body. If it wants to be awake then so be it. I usually come downstairs have some time on laptop, milky coffee and something to nibble then put on the baby programmes and fall asleep watching them.
    MY friend made me feel better about the sleepless nights by saying it is the bodies way of preparing us for what is to come so that we will be used to getting up at silly o'clock soon.
    We both havent got long til we pop and meet our little ones. Just take it easy, and try to think how beautiful your boy was, and how your little princess is going to be just as gorgeous. It's never going to be easy but you come across so strong.XX
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    Oh hunny i feel for you sweetie i can sympathies with the not sleeping as its awful to get comfy and sometimes your brain is going on overdrive , try a warm bath and a milky drink . As for your beautiful little boy its bound to be hard with every first , first christmas , first birthday , but try and take comfort in the fact that he is safe and happy and looking down on you , im not overly religious but i do believe that this is not it and we go someplace after . I cant begin to imagine what you are feeling but i think you are one amazingly strong woman and you will get through this . Just think next christmas you will be running round like a maniac getting pressies for your princess xxx
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    Hun i can totally relate to what you just said i am exact same...

    restless/sleepness nights EVERY night
    i almost dread going to sleep cus i know il have at least two problems
    il either not sleep or be restless and tossing and turning all night Long
    and il be riddled with nightmares

    was only yday morning i woke up in awful state crying my eyes out :cry:
    cus i had dream of Lakeisha, her grave and opening her coffin

    last nite woke up in middle of night and dreamt i was in hosp on CTG machine and babys movements wasnt enuf for the staff to be reassured he was ok
    and now am sitting here with my kick chart from yday in my hands doubting myself.. its awful :(

    dont think we are allowed sleepin tab in pregnancy..
    i was pre-scribed them pre pregnancy for insominia and never took them

    I think the sleep problems are mainly caused by what we worry about babe. .
    everythin tha goes around in our heads durning the day plays on our mind
    at night and leaves just in the mess we are in :(

    I myself still trying to find a cure to help me sleep at night
    havent found it yet... we have two beautiful lil angels looking down on us hun.. and gotta have faith they keepin us and our bundles safe..
    think the only time we gunna have a proper nights sleep is when our lil ones arrive safe n sound alive n healthy and in our arms..
    cus the hormones aint gunna be helping us either

    Hope yhuu have a better nights sleep tonite doll... its never easy xxxx

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