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Aug 2, 2007
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Well it looks like my assignment beat my extension papers. I just found out that I have an assignment to Florida. Florida is nice and all but I was hopeing to extend so that baby and daddy got a chance to be together too. Now tho it looks like they will either have me leave Hawaii early and have the baby in Florida or I will have stay here untill after baby is born.

The only way to beat this is to get married. And we kinda didnt want to right now. I dont know how he is gonna take this news...

This is just all to confusing for me right now too. I want to give him the chance to be with his kid but I kinda want to closer to my family. I know If I were in Florida then family would come visit more often. I have a chance to turn down the assignment but then I could just get tasked for a totally crapy assignment... Ughhh! And I dont want to live in another big city!!! :hissy:

I hate my situation :cry:
That's a tough situation. Sounds like you and he will have to do some soul searching and decide what's most important. Hope things work out the way you hope. Florida sounds nice...except for the damned hurricanes. LOL I shouldn't be laughing 'cause I'm in Houston. lol
Well one other guy in my career field thats leaving the same time got colorado and wants to trade me for florida so i might just trade with him. Dunno. I got till Monday to decide...
I'd jump at the chance to live in Colorado! It rarely snows here and it'd be a welcomed change. Florida is nice..sunshine, beaches, etc. But then there's the constant humidity, storms, etc. You should be excited with a brand new start! lol I know there's a million things to consider though, especially now that there's a baby on the way! Flip a coin. LOL
I hope things pan out for the best Era


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