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Angel Jessie,1M/C, Preg!
Aug 16, 2008
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After yet again no sleep, I voted to ring the Delivery Suite at 3.30am ish, where I went in.

Was monitored and the usual, had an internal to check what was going on. Eventually my cervix is doing something, its effacing nicely and nice and soft.

Immediately after the internal I lost my plug (eventually)...

We came home about 6am, been lying in bed, walking around, sitting, standing, had a shower to try and handle the pain. Managed to fall asleep for about 20mins just before and woke up to another pain. Went to the loo and wiped and there's my bloody show, and my lord it's not the prettiest thing I've ever seen come from down there I must say! :rofl:

(please note, that rofl emoticon, I'm not actually laughing, I'm in total agony - what I thought was pain yesterday, pfff, that was nothing compared to this)...

The midwife has said I'm on Open Access which means I can just go "running" back in if I need to. She said "if you get home and get the keys in the door and think - I can't do this - turn round and come back... If we see you in 2 hours, that's fine"

So, wish me luck, I hope this is it starting. If not I'm in for a rude awakening when it DOES start cuz this BLOODY hurts.
go for it kidda, so this is the start!!! x
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! :happydance:


He he he he!! I'm exited for you (i should get a life) hope this is it :)
Hope its the real thing hun xXx Good Luck!
woohoo!! Hopefully wont be too long now! x x x
Im sure this is it at last! Good luck hun and cant wait to hear from you on the otherside of childbirth!
yay! Good luck hun, hope it's not long now xxx
hope everything goes well! good luck :)
Woohoo sounds like this is it!!!!!! Good luck xxx
Exciting! Hope everything goes well for you-Good luck! x
Good luck hun. I really hope it isnt too long for you now. I cant imagine how you feel, I cant sleep as it is with my pain but i dont think its anything as bad as yours yet!! Good luck! xxx

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