Numerology Helping with Baby Names

Discussion in 'Pregnancy Club' started by mom-on-8/2009, Apr 6, 2009.

  1. Maybe I'm a nut, but, I did numerology on the possible full names of my baby. It can help you decide, especially when it's just between spellings. Maybe you're not into that kind of thing, but, would you really want to leave it up to chance even if there was 1% chance of it being right when you got a bad result on a name you picked? I wouldn't. You can even test it out on your own name if you want to see if it works.

    This site worked on everybody I used it on, but, you have to use the full name on the birth certificate, not a married name.

    We were trying to find ways to spell Ayven with the middle name Samuel and the last name Musselman. We made all kinds of combos, picked 4 we liked, and did numerology on them on the above site. This might just help us make the final decision as one we liked came up with a profile that sounded just like that of what you'd expect for Adolf Hilter, so hubby might get his pick as one of mine was what got the dictator's look alike character profile. Even if I did or didn't believe in numerology, I wouldn't want to take the chance and give my son that name, you see what I mean? I'd feel so irresponsible and like I was asking for trouble.

    Maybe I'm bloody crackers (learned a lot of Brittish talk on here), but, it's something to at least have fun with.
  2. Or do I just sound mad?

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