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Sep 1, 2006
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Finally finished decorating the nursery last night. It looks gr8. Cream and a colour called Liquor, but I think they should call it Baileys.

Nice animal boarder and the carpet is fitted next friday. Now we have to get a load of clothes as MIL has thrown out the things I saved from Jonny!

I will try and post a piccy when it is completed!!

What about you girls? Any nursery piccies?

i don't have a nursery :( we have been looking and looking for a bigger place (we need a 3 bedroom) no luck tho :shock: we are going to be soooo cramped in here until we find a place....

the colors for your nursery sound gorgeous (i'm think the "liquor/bailey's" color is a carmely brown???? sounds beautiful anyways :D
Ohhhhhhh can't wait to see your pics, been longing for this :happydance: I have a Baileys colour in my bedroom, it is lovely!! It sounds really nice babe, get them pics up as soon as.....

We have started getting the colours sorted and we brought the border bare with me it sounds awful, but we are going for a cream and blue, although the cream turns out to be a very light green :shock: but hey ho, we will be testing the colours either tomorrow or next weekend and take it from there, I just hope it looks nice, it certainly looks a warm colour :?
Your nursery sounds gorgious! I am stuck in a studio type of situation, I live at my Fiance's parents, and we rent out their basement. It is one huge area, we have the living room in one area, and a big bedroom in another, we are rearanging it in a couple of weeks to make room for the crib, changing table and other stuff. I wish I could do a nursery like you have :)
Get them pics posted LynnieH!!! :wink:

Awww Stephanie, it is horrible not being able to do a nursery, I feel for is one thing I think we all look forward to :(
Here we go some really poor pictures, I will try again in daylight!
So sorry they are really poor, too tired to fcus I guess!

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