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Apr 10, 2008
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Am sooooo excited. After moaning to my Oh that he was making too much work for himself by stripping wallpaper and pulling up the carpet I have to say the room is starting to look ok.

He spent 12 hours yesterday on his hands and knees sanding the floor boards ready to paint (bless him!) and is painting the ceiling and the walls today. Im off tommorrow to give him a bit of a hand if he wants it or if not to clean up all the dust that seems to have got EVERYWHERE in the house!

He said he imagined playing with baby on a play mat in the bedroom while he was sanding for inspiration and motivation! How cute! :cloud9:
YAY cant wait to see piks :D
Bless him, u have a good man there missy!! x
Awww thats so sweet :) You'll have to post the before and after photos later!
Oh bless him.

You wait all of a sudden it will come together and will be worth every bit of dust x x
We've got sanded floor and the dust just gets everywhere!!! Bless him for working hard..cant wait to see pics.xx
Awww thats so sweet :) You'll have to post the before and after photos later!

Ohhhh bugger...I wish I had thought of taking some before piccies! Ill give the OH a call to ask him to take some now and then take some more tommorrow :)


Ok OH thinks im nuts and I dont think was best pleased i called when he was painting the ceiling (ooops) but is going to take some today.
Bless him!!! Can't wait to see pics!!!
I think you've done the right thing stripping everything back now. We've done up our house when kian was a toddler and its not easy. Would recommend doing all diy before your lo arrives!!
Cant wait to see pics!!! :D

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