Oh dear - my blood pressure is up


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Sep 4, 2008
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Two weeks ago I had my 16week appt with the mw. My blood pressure was up (139/91) but she thought it might have been her machine since the battery kept going and she had to take the reading 3 times. Anyway, she got me back in there today and my blood pressure is pretty much the same (140/90). So now I have to see the Doc next week to have it measured again.
There was no protein in my urine, so the mw is not hugely concerned but she did mention that I might have to take medication if the bp goes up anymore and she also gave me the phone number for the hospital delivery suite and said I shd go there immediately if I get headaches and see any flashing lights!

Has anyone else had anything like this?
i hope it settles down for you. I had pre-eclampsia with Lilly and the medication i was put on really helped bring my blood pressure down
Hey hun, am in the same boat as you. Was at the maternity assessment unit till 1.30am this morning. My blood pressure is around 140/90 and testing positive for protein in my urine. They dont think its pre eclampsia and now on tablets to lower my blood pressure. to get a 24 hour urine sample today and go back to daycare tomorrow for further tests and see my consultant.

Hopefully once your on the tablets your bp will come back down and try and take it easy. I may even go off work eventually as my job can be quite stressful and long hours. xxx
Hi dannigizmo
Hope you all is ok with you after the tests tomorrow
Hi there hun, I have high bp and take Methyldoper for it. My bp is currently 120/65 and it was 170/100. My obgyn doubled the meds I was on. The only downside is that most of the bp meds make you drowsey so I am like a zombie but they are working. He mantioned I may need top progress to beta blockers etc further down the line but for now I am on 6 pills a day. High bp can also cause fetal growth restriction so you should get a growth scan around 28 weeks to make sure everything is going ok hun xxx
Sorry, I have no experience or knowledge of hbp, but just wanted to wish you the best!
I did, My BP was 145/95 so went to see the consultant and it had gone down to 135/90. He wasn't overly stressed but I had to have a blood test and kidney scan which is routine for pregnant women with high BP apparently. I haven't had those results back yet but I am not expecting an issue think its just to cover their arses. The consultant said more or less the same. He did say to keep an eye on it and headaches, blurred vision etc
Had mine checked today and it is 128/88 which is lowest its been.
i havent had anything like that but when i was late pregnant with brendan my bp was always up but they said it was nothing to worry about cos i had no other symptoms, hope ur bp settles down hun xx
I hope its stays down. They have said mine was up but mustnt have been that bad as they didnt send me to any1 else

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