Aly, Adam and baby Lila x
Sep 12, 2008
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Ok so im panicing now. 6 and a half weeks.
Im really scared.
Bloody boyfriend is away again and i hate being on my own.
He's promised this is the last time until baby is at least a few months old. But he seems to always be gone at the moment.
I can't moan though.
He's been so great and works so hard to give me and this baby everything we could want/need.
Not a lot of guys would stick with 'some kid you knocked up' as his mate once said.

I don't know how im going to cope with being a mum.
Please tell me im not then only one who feels like this?!
What if im rubbish. I dont know what to do with a baby!!!!
HELP ME!?!?!?!?!:hissy:
Aww babe just a case of nerves I think. Maternal instincts will take over as soon as the baby is out. Try to stop thinking so down about yourself, you will be fine. You are a woman. We are more capable of anything than we even know ourselves.
Thank you and i know that you're meant to know what to do once the babys born but i really worry that i wont, ive never been good with kids, especially babies. I think i need to go on a course or something. I thought i was so prepared with everything...but only stuff...not the actual taking care of the baby thing!!!!!
Hun, it's normal to feel anxious, especially when it's your 1st baby. But there's alot of support here on B&B whenever you need it.
I'm sure you'll be a great Mum, and as soon as you hold your bubs in your arms, instinct will kick in, and you'll just naturally know what to do.
:hugs: i think it is totally normal to fell that way! i go in and out of those moods quite often and i have just started 3rd tri!
Mothers instincts will kick in and you will be a good mom! Don't stress about this as you will do fine!

Aww you will do great hun!

My OH is working alot of overtime right now too, it sucks and its lonely... I sit at home with not much to do :( But like you said, he is a good supportive father for me and our baby!

Good luck! This BB is full of alotof knowledgeable and awesome people who you can ask anything! And who will offer moral support.

Thanks so much guys. Im trying not to worry myself over little things, but when everyone around me is getting all excited about the baby finally coming im jst sitting around dreading it. That sounds really bad i know, i cant wait for my baby to come, i just dread the idea of sitting there and not being able to do what i need to do to be a good mum! I dont know id that makes sense?

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