OK im going nuts



What the hell is going on with my son :( hes 4 months and still dose not have a sleeping schedual arghhhh he went from one day sleeping 8 hrs to the next week sleeping only 4hrs at a time ..Im constantly up giving him the dam dummy as he drops it or flings it across the room ..:hissy:

He will either wake up cause of his nose being blocked so we bought a humidifier from vicks that fixed the problem , now its his teeth I think hes been cranky for 2 weeks im going insane ..when i try to hold him and comfort him at 4am he dose the backward flings and wants to escape yet hes deadly tired ..rubbing eyes and all:dohh:

I give him 5 onz of milk that settles him but then hes all smiles and wants to play ..hubby gets fustrated and max gets angry and i have to deal with 2 freaking cranky ass men in my house ..and to top it off dog huffs as were making to much noise ..

IM seriously at lose here what am i doing wrong ??? I fed him , change bath him give the nighty bottle and his cereal ... and still he cant go more then 4hrs HELP ME PLEASE !!:hissy::hissy::hissy:
:hugs: I didnt want to read and run but i have no answer hun.
I have never been through it so i dont have a clue , but i hope someone can help you :)
HOw many meals is he having hun???
Charlie is 5 months and still wakes me up every hour through the night im up out of bed every hour putting his dummy back in and up twice a night feeding him occasionaly i will get 2 or 3 hours undisturbed sleep im so fed up as it feels like its been going on years i just keep trying to think hel grow out of it soon but i cant help feeling frustrated at night as when i go to bed i dread it as i know il be up a million times at 5 months i didnt think he would be like this but i think alot of the time its wind that wakes him up and he gets a bit grisley with it. I still have to sleep in the day when he sleeps too big :hug: hope he gets better soon xxx
i know how you feel with the dummy situation, i am up like 10 times a night to out it back, she is a right little madam i have tried all sorts. im sooo tired all the time!

have u tried some nurofen for babies that helps when summers cranky cause of her teeth?

hope its gets better for all of us!!!
HOw many meals is he having hun???

He has his 30 some onz of milk per day
plus 3 meals of solids fruits & cereal in the am
afternoon is fruits only
pm its vegies for supper

and mabey a bit of cereal before bed time

Im thinking of getting offf the dam dummy for good but thats probably reallllly hard to do right ?
i attempted to get summer off the dummy and failed lol
I am right there with you. Bren sleeps 2-3 hours at a time. He is having such a hard time right now sleeping. He just flails around after a bit and wakes himself up. I have tried swaddling and it does not work. I tried last night to lay next to him and let him cry a bit, well an hour and half later, I was still up with him calming and getting him back to sleep. It is so frustrating and I feel like I am doing everything wrong.
Exactly I feel like im doing something wrong even hubby said it "what are we doign wrong" which he asked max and well max giggled at him ..not much support from the baby on this matter lol
I know how you feel, we HAD to swaddle Jack from birth as he is WAY too active with his hands and feet. He is getting too big for his swaddle now so we have out him in a sleeping bag, and that means hands are free, so NOW he is pulling the dummy out ALL NIGHT !!!
I just keep thinking "he'll grow out of it, he'll grow out of it" hoping it's not going to be a year or so! We have tried weaning him off the dummy but it's just impossible! I have broken down in tears at nighttime to my OH at least a handful of times because I just can't cope with 20 mins sleep and then the dummy is out, 20 mins sleep and he wants it back in, all night !
I'm lucky in the way that my OH looks after him 2 nights a week so at least I have a little more sleep them nights. Although I still have to poke him cuz I can hear little things like him mumbling and the dummy drop lol!

I don't think there is anything we can do, an invention is needed lol!

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