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Aug 31, 2006
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Dunno if you ladies know as you were all talking about it before it shut down but its back open:

I wonder if the people that lost their money/photos will get it back?
Only knew because they are back in the bounty packs!
"Olan Mills Photography is now under new Management and we are pleased to announce that portrait photography is now available in many locations throughout the UK. During the next few months we will be re-opening many more studios in Mothercare stores throughout the UK. Olan Mills Photography is happy to accept sittings/portrait vouchers from the previous company."

Says that on the front page. Doesnt say about photos and money already taken though.
Fook that ... robbing barstools

NOT taking my chances ... do me own digi thanks thn go to venture in few mths worth the money

Imi don't go to Venture! They are a rip off! Wait until you see the gorgeous pics I had done by pixi-foto in Mothercare! Bloody gorgeous!
id reccomend pixi, w8 till they go to boots tho i saved over £200 of mothercares rrp!!!
Venture are so expensive for what they are.

I wonder how much custom Olan Mills will lose through past experiences, i don't think i would chance them again.
We want a strech canvas action shot of just me maddie and gav then a family portrait ...

We said it might be worth it as they have an offer on ....

I have seen a pixi place at boots in cheshire oaks though ...
Venture is EXTREMELY expensive, your looking at £600 but thay are fabulous, they capture them so well, there not just a bog standard portrait they are much more fun, and they make the photo shoot fun and make you feel at ease.
I wouldn't touch Olan Mills with a barge pole and if they don't refund past customers then that is terrible PR.

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