Old Woman really annoyed me yesterday

Discussion in 'General Chatter' started by AppleBlossom, Oct 7, 2008.

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    As you come out of our house you have to cross the top of a one way street to get into the village. The road is pretty wide i.e. if a car goes down one side there is always at least another car width on the other side. So as I was about to cross I looked up the road behind me and saw a car way off and a van coming the opposite way. Knowing if I didn't cross soon I'd be stuck there forever I got the pram down the kerb knowing full well that when that van went down the street on the other side of the road there would be almost another 1 and a half pram lengths between me and it. Anyway as I did that I heard this almighty shriek behind me. Turned round and there's this old lady giving me the filthiest look, like I'd just pushed the pram under the wheels of this van. Well that annoyed me but I carried on and ignored it. Then on my way back she was on the opposite side of the road when a middle aged woman with a buggy was crossing the main road behind a bus so she obviously couldn't see very well what was coming. Stepped out and almost got both of them taken out by a 4x4. The old woman didn't even bat an eyelid, was just watching from the sidelines. That really DID annoy me. Just because I'm young she obviously thought I'd be irresponsible enough to go out in the road when there was something coming and made a whole dramatic scene about it. But when this older woman did it she obviously just thought, Oh easy mistake to make, she's obviously usually a responsible mother. The thing that gets me most about old women looking all snotty at young mothers is that in their day I bet it was customary to start your family at 17/18. Sorry to rant it just bugged me!
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    ughh i have many annoying old ladies here

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