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    So we went to the FS for the second appointment and they're like well DF has low sperm low morph low motility AHH both times they tested though he was stressed ( i was overseas and we were fighting ) the first time and had a count of 10 mil , the second time we did it the night before and he was fairly sick both days and morph was only 5 % and motility was 25% but get this ... the first time he ever had his sperm analysis we got it through the gp before we were able to get to the FS and his sperm count was 24 million morphology 12% motility 80% and he was taking menevit (a male supplement for swimmers) and the other two times he wasnt. But the FS says NOTHING can increase sperm count ummm okk then.

    Anyway back to the point they have suggested IVF ICSI yep so im a little scared but im also thinking wow if i hadnt have gotten checked out early we could have been waiting AGESSS because of the whole waiting a year thing so it doesnt hurt to stretch the truth a little or a lot lol especially when things like this happen or just to put ur mind to rest girls..

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