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Aug 31, 2006
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Well, i wasnt feeling to great so thought i would have a wee lie down and listen to children in need show...lasted about half and hour when heard an almighty crash...
my cat lucy decided that she didnt like ruby(my hamster)s cage sitting where she wanted to sit so she pushed it off the table,...
cue cat casing hamster, me chasing hamster with a bowl to put over it and falling over cat...pee n sh*t everywhere as the cage burst open....
chaos....its now all fixed and hamster is back in her slightly broken cage until i can get a new one tomorrow...cat is skulking in bedroom...
i have such a sore head now lol....i will laugh about it later...i need a stiff drink.... :wine: bxox
:rofl: Oh babe that sounds like a cartoon!!!

Glad it is sorted and look forward to hearing the laughter when you calm down :lol: x
honestly, i could have made money from youve been framed if i had a camera....tom and jerry have nothing on these two...lol...doesnt help i am scared to lift the hamster...petrified...and oh is out for the night hahahaha :rofl:
:? :rofl: but it is funny tho eh? :wink:
:lol: don't ya just love thesse things that are sent to try us!
:rofl: We used to get that here.
One night Rob set up his video camera on the floor to see what the cat gets up to, when we watched it we didnt expect a hamsters bum to pass several times! Turns out the hammy had escaped lol! The cat didnt touch her thankfully.
lol, she got so excited when she realised that ruby was running about under the table, she was scratching at the door to get back in when i locked her out...took away her fun, bad mum that i am..bxox
awwww hunni

It does sound like aton and jerry fiasco

hope the Hammster is not too traumatised and hope the cat leaves her alone in futre xx

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