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Discussion in 'Baby Club' started by daisy777, Jan 31, 2011.

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    my lo has just started sleeping so well at 5 months, he wakes occasionally during the night for only for a dummy then goes straight down.

    i have finally got him into a routine and started a few spoons of baby rice in the morning. i think this combined has got him sleeping at night and made him alot more happy :)

    he gets up for a bottle and change at 9am, plays for a while and nods off at 11 for half hour - an hour
    at 12 he has another bottle, change and plays until half 2 and sometimes goes for a walk
    sleeps for another half hour
    has another bottle at 3
    bath at 5-6
    sleeps for half hour
    has another bottle and change at half 6
    plays until 9 then goes to bed between 9 and 10
    he normally sleeps until 6am wakes for a bottle then sleeps til 9am.

    my problem is, is that he has to have the exact same routine every day, if i do one thing differently or at a different time, his whole day gets messed up. this is starting to get hard as my day is never the same! and with people wanting to babysit, or my oh looking after lo as he doesn't stick to los routine!

    i end up having to start over every day trying to get his routine back while having a very grumpy baby to deal with as he won't have slept properly

    is anyone else's baby the same?

    sorry if i worded that oddly lol

    also, do your lo's sleep more during the day? my lo only ever sleeps for about half an hour each time during the daytime

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