opk's and HPT's and wtf?

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive #1' started by reese_221, Nov 16, 2011.

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    SOooooooo, here goes. as of late (past 1.8 weeks) i cannot be awake after 8 pm :sleep: for some reason, i've put on 7 lbs. urine is dark and smells different, irritable:wacko:...on and on...blah blah. Well, i started taking a small fortunes worth of hpt's and got several +'s on equate and fact plus but the +'s came around or after the 10 min. mark. I just took a frer this morning and 12 min. later there was a 2nd pink line...could this be an evap i ask? who knows. it IS pink though...not clearish. SOOOOOOO, i went to the store and bought the 7 pack of answer opk's and took one and the line is darker than the control line, but i ovulated a week and a half ago...is this possible? what the hell is happening with the whoo haa area on me? Is this a sign of indeed pregnant...or are real positive opk's and frer evap lines normal? Thanks for reading this pseudocrazed post. :dohh:
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    hey hun, if you go on the pregnancy test forum, a lot of the girls on there say really dark OKP's after OV are a good sign of being preggo!

    However, I wouldn't look at HPT's after the 10 min mark if I were you! they lie alot! tehe
    GL :dust: :D

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