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    So 4 cycles of bfn and I decided this month I would just accept it wasnt going to happen because I didnt ov til cd25! Acupuncturist told me its highly unlikey as egg would be 'overripe'.
    But today is 4 or 5 dpo and I am exhausted.... never felt so tired. Also I am so bloated. No nausea or anything just SO tired... and hungry... have a nerve type niggle in my lower back, right at the end of my spine and have developed hayfever for the first time in my life but I know these 'symptoms' mess with our heads. Dont know what to think..
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    I have no idea what over ripe means in her terms... as i run like clockwork every month!!!... Ive also had, sore boobs, headaches, dizziness, Hot flushes, Crying for nothing lol... Cramps in my lower back and today nausea! grrr... Im 13DPO and still showing Negitive :( AF not due till the 6th tho, so fingers crossed... Goodluck hunnie :) x

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