Ovulatory or Anovulatory?


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Sep 18, 2008
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Yes its me again, I know you all are thinking is this chick ever going to quit worrying?:blush::blush: Please forgive me!

Ok I have been trying all day to figure this out on my own and just cannot seem to make heads or tails of it. By "it" I mean my chart. I can't tell if I actually did ovulate(meaning the Clomid worked on first round) or if I didn't actually ovulate(meaning next cycle will be round 2). I had ovary pain on both sides which would alternate starting from dose number 3(cd7) to cd12. I read on FF that sometimes the chart wont indicate O' but the woman still does actually O'...I have a cd21 progesterone test a week from today but god I'll go nuts by then!!:dohh: I'm sorry for my constant worrying! I'm sure as you all know its hard not to worry especially when everyone else in the family seems to get preggo so easily. :( Can someone please take a peek at my chart and see if its possible to set my mind at ease some?:blush:
My sweet darling fiance today mentioned how I've been more tired and sleepy lately and asked me "isn't that a sign?" I told him yes but its a bit early for that yet and to not get his hopes too high and I'm trying not to too and that I don't want him to get all let down if it doesn't work this time.
Thanks ahead of time for any thoughts, opinions, or advice given!
I really don't know, it looks like if your temps stay up that you did O on CD 11 which would be good because you :sex: that day but your temps are not too high so maybe keep up :sex: just in case it is coming.
Try putting in a couple of fake high temperatures for CD15 and 16 to see if it gives you a coverline.
i wud say cd11 ...cos ur temps av stayed the same for 2 days,u aint got ur CH yet but dont b panicking uknow ff will catch up with u :)
you won't know if it's an anovulatory cycle till the :witch: arrives
Good luck :dust:
hi hun it looks like you temps have settled down since cd11 and although your overlines aren't in yet the temps after cd11 have slowly risen so i would reckon you have ov'd.

like someone else said you can only tell if its annovuatory til af shows. i've had one before and it was probably the longest cycle of my life as my body tried several times ot ov but couldnt.

its looking pretty good for you though hun and hope clomid works first time for you sweetie. x
do y'know i should check for typos before clicking send lol. x

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