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Sep 1, 2006
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Hi hun
Have you been for your scan yet?
I'm sure you said it was this week sometime

Hope everything is ok, haven't seen you on for a bit

hi sorry havent been on here for a while, yeah i had my scan.

it wasnt a nice experience as when they did it, they said im measureing only 3 weeks pregnant but there is a heart beat, but could mean baby is struggling etc etc made me feel like utter shit, but was told to come back in 2 weeks to check the growth.

so went home thinking its impossible i can only be 3 weeks as i tested positive over 2 weeks ago, so rang my midwife, and asked her what she thought and she explained they would not see a heart beat until at least 5 weeks and told me to check my notes.....

notes said i was 6 weeks pregnant and heart beat was seen and all is fine????

so im happy, but cant believe woman lied to me, but i guess im expecting it from nhs after the experience i had with alana.

well im not going to say anything just have my next scan in 2 weeks and then change hossy
OMG Elaine - I can't believe she told you that you were 3 weeks pg! That's can't even be picked up on a scan!!!!

Sounds like everything is okay though with your dates, and it also sounds like you have a good mw, which is what counts!:hugs:
yeah just looking forward to next scan so i can get my edd and hopefully a pic of my bean, MW is soo nice, i was shocked when i met her, my last one was a bit of a dragon :witch:
OMG can't believe they would say that to you!!!

So glad all is ok though hun xx
I think we were both getting prepared to the fact that we would probably lose the baby.

she sat there and said to both of us you are 3 weeks pregnant , i argued it with her and said thats impossible but all she could do was shrug her shoulders. Then a few hours later we checked the notes and it said 6 weeks , i think she realised she had made a mistake when i said its impossible but didnt have the guts to tell us!!!! she then said yu can go and see a doctor , we waited 5 mins and a lady took us off and she was only a midwife and everything was asked her she just shrugged her shoulders and said "i dont know" , "wait until 2 weeks" , "go and book an appointment with your doctor"

i was sitting there trying to work out the dates and that in my head trying to see what the earliest is elaine could be preg and she didnt even work it out with us she just shrugged her shoulders at us and didnt even care that we were concerned that we were told elaine was only 3 weeks and our baby wasnt growing properly. not once did she actually ask how pregnant we thought elaine might be and i even asked the midwife were things were on the notes and she didnt even bother to open the notes once or anything or even give one ounce of help to the problem.

she just had a un concerned look of " its only a baby , you can try for another if this doesnt work out"

we are definetly changing hospital , i am not going to sit in the same room as either of them again.

luckily enough our usual midwife is brilliant and she even said she has had a fair few complaints about that hospital , she just told us to stick with our original dates and ignore what they have said and change hospitals asap.
just get our sneaky extra scan next week then change.

been looking at the new hospital were going to and it looks loverly, each delivery room has new ensuite bathrooms with showers and bath, and they say once baby is born you stay in that room until you leave hossy unless for any reason there over booked, but not often. and daddy and siblings can stay what ever hours they want, and if for any reason there is an emergency with mum or baby they accomodate daddy within the hossy.

so looking forward to it now
Thats discusting!!! I am so gutted to see what that woman did to you guys. I hope you take this further. Will it be the same woman scanning you on your scan in 2 weeks?
I really dont know, if shes got any sense she wont be doing it :wacko:

but if she does do it and gives me pics to take home i will be a good girl and not kick off :baby:
Your calm lol

I would want to see her again to tell her what I think. I can imagine what you felt at that point :( Horrid woman!
Thats discusting!!! I am so gutted to see what that woman did to you guys. I hope you take this further. Will it be the same woman scanning you on your scan in 2 weeks?

I was thinking the same thing, I hoe the same lady won't be doing your other scans. that's very worrisome, as she could direct you to take or seek treatment for unnecessary things. If you feel uncomfortable with her I would certainly suggest you seek other help. Pregnancy is enough by itself, never mind that.

On a positive note!! Congrats on your pregnancy !!!!:headspin:
11.15 i think... days are going so slow, i wish it was tommorrow
To make errors is human. To confuse a family and leave them to worry and wait is not. I'm so sorry you guys had that scare. Just remember, you have a better idea of what's what. Trust that. I know yall can't wait for the next scan and hopefully someone more professional will be the one doing it.

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