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    Hello.. im hoping someone somewhere can help. Last week i found out i had a MMC.. this was my first MMC but my 4th miscarriage (previously ive just bled and knew it was over.) This has effected me really bad because i feel like my body has tricked me into thinking i was going to be ok.. (had bad sickness, symptoms etc) Anyways..Now i would like to give TTC a go.. however... around 7 months ago I was diagnosed with PCOS, which was a relief as i've had problems with ovulation and my periods for years. Im also over weight, by about 3 1/2 stone.. my point is.. i want to try again asap.. but i also want some some advice on how to get my body in control of the PCOS, found out the best way to loose some weight and what have other people done to get pregnant with PCOS. I just dont know if i could loose another baby, esp a MMC i think it would break me ..sorry for rambling x

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