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Sep 1, 2006
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Hiya girls/ladies,

I thought it important that i start this thread as I had this condition when i was PG with Jack and there was very little information about it.

We all know the signs to look for with Pre Eclampsia but non of the baby books i was given explained about this.

This condition can be a threatening one to both mum and baby if not treated correctly (please don't be scared).

I started with mild itching on my arms at about 30 weeks, my MW sent me for blood tests and it was OC.

Basically it is a blood/ liver disorder flow of bile is restricted as the liver is not fuctioning properly which leads to a build up of bile acids in the blood which is what causes the itching.
I was given steroids and various other pill and potions (15 a day in all!!) and monitered very closly and the delivered Jack at 37 weeks

The main signs to look for are ITCHINESS, TIREDNESS(i know we are more tired anyway!) and FEELING INCREASINGLY HOT

I thought it important to post this now as it could be confused with the warm weather and it would be better to be safe than sorry.

I am going to put some links up for you if you have any questions please feel free to ask either on here or PM me





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Hi, :hi: Im new here & thought I'd have a browse around and I'm very pleased I did. I have been been having a problem with itching for about the last 2 weeks which has been all over but especially on my hands.
Altho I knew it wasnt right I haven't mentioned it to my midwife yet as didnt think it cud be anything serious?! Just so glad I came across this site just incase it is this?! I will be ringing her this week to mention it.

So, again, Thank you for advice xxxx :hugs:
Ooh i'm glad you spotted it
how far along are you?

Oh and welcome to the forum :)
Hiya Jo, thanks for the welcome,:happydance:
Well after last post here my itching has calmed down alot, so as of yet haven't spoken to midwife, mainly cause I couldn't get hold of her, but also have Anternatel app tmrw so will ask then.

I'm currently 30 weeks and feeling huge!! altho according to everyone else who doesn't know me I'm quite small for 30 weeks, but i have put on 3 and half stone it's just I was poorly for the best part of the last 5 years so was very tiny be4 falling pregnant.

This is my first baby, I had been ttc for over 7 years when i fell pregnant & was about to start IVF which i had put off for years as I suffer badly from Endometriosis so starting the IVF meant I'd have to take the Stimulant drug 4 my ovaries which would make the endo worse.

I've been having a couple of other issues if u dont mind me asking your advice, sorry? :blush:

First is my Hips and back been having terrible pain here for the best part of the last 2 months and its been getting worse, gp and midwife said its because of the weight as i was so tiny b4 but they sent me to a one off antenatel physio group session, which i finally attend last week (Been waiting 4 the app for about 5 weeks!) but found the group pointless 4 me as I couldn't actually do any of the exercises they reccomended cause of the pain? my hip is really quite bad now that i struggle to walk after only 5 mins and when I get out of bed now i cant actually walk properly 4 about 5 mins? Hmm its not nice & im really starting to worry as have another 10 weeks to go yet and more weight gain?

The other problem is my belly keeps going absolutly rock hard and altho doesn't hurt exactally it is uncomfortable and it seems to happen whenever I move which is alot. Thoughtout a whole day it seems more hard than not should i be worried?

Sorry to dump all this on you?

Thanks 4 reply anyway,
Love Abbie xxx
I'm not sure about your hips and stuff you would probably better posting in 3rd Tri board :)

The herdening is probably your Braxton hicks kicking in, all part and parcel LOL

I'm glad your itching as eased of but deff mention it at your appointment

I would copy a lot of what you have posted here into the intro section and 3rd tri, great grup of girls who will give you loads of advice.

Oh and get yourself a ticker :)
Jo x
Hiya Jo, thanks for that info, really usefull! Docs thought i had this a few weeks ago, i became really hot and itchy and when they took my blood it came back that my bile levels where high..they kept monitoring me but luckilly for me by the end of the week my bile levels returned to normal. But they are still taking my blood every week to make sure. Thanks hun x
So glad they have gone back to normal :)
It's good that they are taking bloods from you so often, well as good as can be LOL
Some MW/GPs just seem to dismiss as normal itching and you aren't really warned what to look for in pregnancy books
I have been having some itching on my arms. It seems to have come all of a sudden over the past few days. Not sure what to think of it. I have a MW appointment on thursday, so I'm not sure if I should wait to ask them until then or not.
I definitely mention it to your midwife, maybe give her a call before or make an appointment to see your GP if you can't see her before
Hiya Jo, thanks for that info, really usefull! Docs thought i had this a few weeks ago, i became really hot and itchy and when they took my blood it came back that my bile levels where high..they kept monitoring me but luckilly for me by the end of the week my bile levels returned to normal. But they are still taking my blood every week to make sure. Thanks hun x

Hi Jo,

Just thought i'd let u know my bile levels went back up again a few days after i wrote this post...noone actually said it was OC..they just said my bile levels where too high, gave me steroids and kept me in hosp..luckilly for me i had Oliver a week later. When i recently had my PN check my GP said 'Gosh it says here u had OC during your pregnancy..' So i did actually have it..but they seemed to have forgotten to mention it..as well as pre-eclampsia! I was sooo angry. I hope other readers that feel they may have it make a point of gettin tested-properly! xx
Oh wow that is shocking that they never told you!!!
did they give you anything other than steroids?
I was on all sorts of pills
All turned out good though thank god and you have your gorgeous little man

How did you get on Nickybaby?
No just steroids.. i deliverd him shortly after so i was v lucky! x
Hiya JO , just thought id update , everything seems to be controlled now not perfect levels but better then they were.

I will be going to my consultant tomorrow to get told dates etc when ill need baby out. Whens the safest time? Its 37 weeks isnt it? thought id ask as some docters arnt clued up on this and i have read that after so long its quite risky for baby to go over a certain mark.

glad your levels are settling hun
Good luck tomorrow
I was told it was safest to deliver at around 37 week, but i think some hospital have now changed their guidlines

Make sure you let me know how you get on :hugs:
Well the closest they could do was deliver me at 38 weeks + 3 . Thats ok isnt it? Im sure they know what they are doing but just reading other peoples stories about having OC 37 weeks seems to be the latest...
I'm sure it will be fine hun, they wouldn't let you go late if it wasn't safe to do so
did they explain why it would be 38+3?
You may well go naturally before then anyway :)
They just said cos my levels are getting better that it would be better to keep baby in just that little longer so her lungs will be more mature. Which i understand completly. I supose im just a little worried with what people have told me.

But then they know what they are doing so i will just have to trust them. Being monitoerd all the time anyway so they did say if anything was out of the ordinary that they would pick up on it which is true.

I just got to stop worrying!!
I get my blood test results back this evening for OC. I have been itching my entire body like a maniac for the last 48 hrs, but mainly my hands and feet.

I have also completely lost my appetite.

Hoping the results will come back negative as, for some reason, I have a fear of being induced. Don't know why, never had a baby before so have no experience of it. I guess I just don't feel ready.

I live in France, so it may be different, but is it pretty standard practice for them to induce you early if you have OC?
Yes they will induce u early for having OC :)
Well l thought I might have OC as been constantly kept awake for over a week with really bad itchy armpits (there not sweaty either). I have had the itching for about 6-7 weeks now and its getting worse.

Also got swollen fingers and pins and needles and absolutely shattered....

Driving me crazy but midwife said #oh it must be your deodarant' I have tried not using it , I have tried senstive types and still dont help...!!! Grrrr

Any ideas ladies??

xxx thank you

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