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Pocket nappies help


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Sep 10, 2006
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Hi, I am looking at some pocket nappies on ebay and wondered if any one could give me a review of what they are like?
My well meaning Granny bought me some terry squares but i just cant get on with them, folding is a faff, and they are soo bulky on Ewan,
I saw some pocket ones and thought they might be easier.
How many would i need?
Ewan is 15 months.

Pockets are great, they dry really quickly and you can stuff them with as much/little as you need. What type are you looking at? We use fuzzi bunz, wonderoos, swaddlebees (don't like these much) and wee notion pockets in the day and Minkis at night (bulky but really really reliable). I would probably go for about 12 pockets if you're going to be washing every other day and plenty of boosters. Though you could use the terries as stuffing aswell, they'd be great in a minki at night might be too bulky in the day.
I use terries as stuffers although I don't mind the bulky look!

I'd agree 15 would be perfect washing every other day. We love the Fuzzi Bunz as a pocket nappy but mainly use 2-part system so I'm selling a load. A shame they'd be too small for Ewan!
Sorry to hijack OP, but what are fuzzis like at the newborn stage with runny poo?
Thanks, think i'll put some of the unused terries up for sale to fund some pocket.
I'm trying to budget and the disposables at 6 quid a week is expensive.
Stanley's is never solid and we manage fine :D . If anything they wick a little around the legs as Stanley pees so much but containment is good.

TBH Hypno, you'll find it tough to re-sell the terries. Why not do what I do and ask people to buy Ewan a nappy for Christmas? People are always asking me what to buy S and he's got everything else!
this is like reading another language i dont have a clue what your on about lol!
well i got one pocket today through the post, tried it and it leaked...
don't know maybe i need to put a thicker booster in there, as i only put a folded muslin - and folded terry made it well bulky!
They look so cute in them though!
Lauz_1601 said:
this is like reading another language i dont have a clue what your on about lol!

i haven't got a clue either i was thinking maybe kleenex's for his pockets for him to blow his nose :S:S:S:S LOL
Hypnorm, try a microfibre stuffing. As absorbant as terries but much slimmer :D
Get to Morrisons!

Microfibre cleaning cloths, something like 60p for 2. Do the job a treat! :)
Thanks guys i feel a trip to town coming on.
Also i've found some patterns on the net, so i'm speaking to my mum nicely to see if she would sew some for me.. as i'm crap with a sewing machine!!

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