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Nov 4, 2006
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I have had a really sore knee for the last month and a half. The Dr says it looks like a strain but I haven't done anyting to strain it. I have had a nightmare with it today, have been hobbling round like an old woman. Was just wondering if this could be pregnancy related? Has anyone else experienced joint pain in early pregnancy?
Not on my knee you poor woman :(


Hope you stop hobbling soon ;)

Don't quote me, but I am sure I may have heard about joint pain and pregnancy........but it seems a long time ago now that I would have been told. All I can say is speak to your GP or MW if it persists, although you have had it long enough as it is! I may have it round the wrong way and it not be related :dohh:

Hope it gets better soon!
all my joints seem to ache at the minute, could it be some thing to the ligaments relaxing?
Beanie, Im sure that you are more prone to muscle weakness in pregnancy. LOL dont quote me though hehe
Sorry you have a poorly knee Beanie! i think your joints go a bit more supple during pregnancy!
During pregnancy, your body produces the hormone relaxin, which loosens your joints, making you even more prone to injury. It's also what caused SPD. Keep an eye on it hun, and if it gets any worse, see your mw - she's morel likely to know more about it than your GP.:hugs:
I had spd with Seren and I think I am going the same way :( My knee is killing and my back is getting very sore too, can't believe I am feeling like this so soon.
Hi Beanie,

I get knee problems especially when Im pregnant (dislocation) but thats due to Hyper Mobility, although my point is, when I seen the Consultant at the hospital, he informed me that all pregnant women suffer from relaxed ligaments and muscles due to the hormone level in our bodies, and it is very easy to strain/tear these without knowing it until later.

Do not suffer with it, its not pleasant. Go to the Dr's if it doesnt subside over the weekend.

Hi Beanie:hi:......you are in good company.......I have had a sore knee for the last 2 weeks, and I can't remember straining it in any way! I was getting pretty frustrated until I read this thread, now I feel a little bit better about it. Good to know that it could be pregnancy related!


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