Popping in, possibly early ... another doppler question

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Second Trimester' started by Erised, Oct 12, 2013.

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    Hey ladies,

    Popping over in here as I thought I had a clue how far along I am, but am starting to doubt it now.

    Long story short, I have PCOS and my last period was on the 9th of July. This would make me 13+6 today, but I know my cycles are up to 3 months long and it's unlikely I'm this far along. I got my BFP on the 31st of August, and when comparing the darkness of the test result to my previous 2 pregnancies I came to the conclusion I'm probably around 9+5 right now.

    My husband mentioned today though, that it seems odd as I picked up the heartbeat with my doppler over a week ago. I went back and checked things, and it would have made me 8+5 when I picked it up for the first time. Now, I'm a size 20 so wouldn't expect that to be in my favour.

    With my first daughter I picked up her heartbeat at around 13 weeks, but I was new to the doppler at the time and had only had it for days. With my second daughter I picked it up at 10+6 for the first time

    How far along were you when you *first* picked up your baby's heartbeat? Would 8+5 really be ridiculous early, and would you say I'm more likely to be closer to 12 weeks now rather than the 10 I think I am? =/

    I know it isn't a big deal and will be confirmed with a scan anyway (on the 24th, which going by LMP puts me at 15+4 ish, so too far on for the NT scan but it's the earliest my midwife could get me in), but I'd quite like an idea of how far on I am.
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    I heard mine the day my Doppler came, at 9+3.

    Did you find it quite easily?
  3. RunningMomOf3

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    The lines on your hpt are not indicators of how far along you are, sorry. No way to know for sure until you're scan. It is possible to hear the heart beat as early as 8 weeks.... Keep us updated! Good luck and congrats!!!

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