Possible lactose intolerance - what would you do?

Discussion in 'Baby Club' started by Jft1, Jun 6, 2021.

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    Hello, looking for some advice. DS2 was breastfed when he was born, but was very sick after every feed. I switched to formula and he stopped being sick, but had symptoms of reflux so was advised to start anti reflux formula, which I did. I was worried it would constipate him like it did with DS1, but the opposite happened and he was having really loose stools. At one point he as having 6 explosive nappies a day, however this is now down to 2. He isn’t upset passing them and seems content. I spoke to my health visitor about it and she said it’s likely to be a lactose intolerance and prescribed Nutramigen formula. It absolutely stinks and I really struggle to get him to take it. He takes much smaller feeds, is unsettled taking it and wakes more during the night because he isn’t satisfied.. but the explosive nappies have stopped.
    So I feel like I have a bit of a dilemma, the nutramigen stops the poops but he seems more unsettled and unsatisfied on it, but the reflux formula means he’ll have a couple of explosive nappies. He’s gaining weight fine so I don’t know if I just keep him on the reflux formula. I don’t want to be changing formula as I know that can upset his stomach.
    what would you do? Any advice much appreciated
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    Are you sure it’s a lactose issues (sugars ) and not a cows milk protein allergy which is much more common in babies . Does he have any other symptoms ? Rash , runny nose , wheezing , bad wind ??

    I wouldn’t switch back to the reflux formula instead I’d be asking for some reflux medication usually give Gaviscon not sue if your eldest son had it too ?

    I’d also be asking for Aptimal Pepti 1 it’s so much more like “normal” formula but doesn’t stink etc . Both Aptimal Pepti 1 and Nutramigen contain small traces of milk . I know the worry with changing milks we had to twice with DS he has a cows milk allergy and cannot tolerate DF alternative milks so is still using Aptamil Pepti!
    Good luck xx

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