Nov 29, 2006
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I had my last period on October 13. I noticed a light pink discharge when I wiped on November 5. This only lasted about 2 trips to the bathroom and it never got on a pad. I took a test that same day and it came back positive. I went to the doctor two days later. She did a blood test. It was around 150 hcg and I took another one 2 days later and it had went to 349. She said that indicated I was about 10 days pregnant. I went for my first ultrasound on November 24 because the doctor said I should have been 6 weeks. The ultrasound indicated I was only 4 weeks 5 days. Has this happened to anyone else? Is my baby dead already and I am just going to pass it?
Hi there

Welcome to BabyandBump :D

Your hCG levels looked good doubling (more) in 48 hours. Have they told you they think you will lose your pregnancy? It is hard for me to answer your final question.

Did they take more bloods for a hCG count the day you had a scan & booked another appoitment for an U/S?
Hi hun,

Try not to worry babe, your HCG levels vary quite a bit, it is hard to get an exact idea of how pregnant you are from them, infact is is impossible to do so, but a scan is much more accurate and can tell you how pregnant you are, and this is the dates the doctors will use. So please take no notice of the '10 days pregnant' comment!

Let us know how you get on! :hugs: x
hi there as you are only 10 days pregnant its hard for anyone to say wether or not you will lose this pregnancy did you ask was everything ok and normal for the number of weeks you were as i was only 5 weeks at my first scan and there was just a black sac i thought i wasnt pregnant but sonographer said everything was fine. As long as your not bleeding you should be ok if your not happy go back to doctor but im sure all will be well as your only 4 weeks the baby is still very small so it will be hard to find at this point on an ultrasound scan

hope this makes sense

spunky xx
I called yesterday about my blood work. My hcg level at 4 weeks 5 days was 8668. The doctor said that is high, but it is good. Could it be twins?
hi hun ive just got this off a site may be you are expecting twins as this is quite high but dont get your hopes up just incase your only expecting one baby

Normal Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) levels:

0-1 week: 0-50 IU/L
1-2 weeks: 40 - 300
3-4: 500 - 6,000
1-2 months: 5,000 - 200,000
2-3 months: 10,000 - 100,000
2nd trimester: 3,000 - 50,000
3rd trimester: 1,000 - 50,000
Non-pregnant females: < 5.0
Postmenopausal: < 9.5

spunky xx

when do you have another scan ???
Finding out how far you are I assumed was the concern - Only another scan can show this. I'm sure you will be fine you may have ovulated later rather than the middle of yout cycle - Taking how far along you are from your last period isn't always accurate x

I go for my next ultrasound on Dec. 12. I am anxious. I wish I could go before then. I am getting sicker and sicker each day. i wasn't this sick with my son.
Hi again hooker the more sick you are the better as i was told that morning sickness is a good sign during your pregnancy id wait till your scan on the 12th which is only 11 days you will know where you are good luck

spunky xx
hooker1983 said:
I go for my next ultrasound on Dec. 12. I am anxious. I wish I could go before then. I am getting sicker and sicker each day. i wasn't this sick with my son.
Well that although a bit naff for you :)lol:) is an FAB sign of a healthy pregnancy!!

Good luck on the 12th hun - Keep us updated won't you :D
Keep us posted Hooker :hugs:
I don't want everyone thinking I am actually a hooker. That is what my fiance calls me. I'll let everyone know what I find out Next Tuesday.
:shock: :lol:

I thought when I seen the name it was another sex video spammer :lol:

Pet names huh! My OH calls me bitch & I call him nob theres no cuties in my house! The funniest I've seen is spunkys name (spunkycupcake) :lol:
Good luck with your scan hun! x
I went to the ER last night for pains in my lower back and at the site of my c-section scar. They did blood work and my hcg came back at over 24000. They did an ultrasound and the sac measurements showed that I was 6 weeks 2 days. They said I should have seen a fetal pole, and they didn't. It was only a sac. They said it is a blighted ovum. This will be my second one. I don't know what to do. I am going to my ob Tuesday for an ultrasound that I have had scheduled forever now. I am praying that something will have changed. I have been crying all day.
I am so sorry about your scan. Hope you get better news on tuesday :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:
I have started cramping really bad and spotting bright red. Not to gross anyone out, but I am passing slimy looking stuff. I don't recall doing that with my previous miscarriages. I changed my appt. to tomorrow. i'll let everyone know what I find out.
I missed you post on Saturday hun - I'm so sorry how things are for you right now :hugs:

Please keep your chin up & wishing you lots of luck for tomorrow :hugs:

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