Problems mixing with other children (15 mo)

Discussion in 'Special Needs Support' started by annanouska, Oct 5, 2013.

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    Hi everyone :flower:

    I don't post in here often but do read through a lot for advice/ideas. Our lo is 15 mo, he has not been diagnosed with any additional needs as of yet but is under observations.

    He is a little slow on development but mainly lazy I think and is your average 15 mo ( he can't walk yet ). The biggest issue we have when out and at nursery is he has a problem with other children.

    Lo loves strangers and would go to anyone. He is also fascinated by other children and doesn't seem frightened or upset by them being there (play centre, nursery,mfriends etc) but doesn't seem to know what to do. He can't play alongside other children or with them, he seems excited by them but resorts to biting them or grabbing them. I get mixed advice on this. Sme people advise its normal behaviour for the age (going on 3 months now) but nursery are advising it isn't and he is being monitored with these abc charts etc.

    I just wondered if anyone has had issues with the being with other children thing or any tips? I can't go on play dates or take him to play centres unless its quiet as its hard to keep an eye on him.

    I move him away and say no. He used to bite and attack us but this has improved a lot recently and doesn't happen as frequently.

    Sould I do s,ethi g to help him learn about other children or is it a time will tell thing?

    Hope it's ok to ask here, we are the on,y people I know going through this :wacko: x

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