Question About Heartburn (because I'm a bit of a ditz)

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Second Trimester' started by Lara310809, Dec 16, 2009.

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    Just wondering...

    throughout my life I've had occasions when I will burp up a little sick. It never burns (apart from the taste of it in my throat), and it's never painful. I used to refer to this as heartburn because that's what people told me it was, but now I'm thinking heartburn has to be painful.

    I haven't had this for a while, and over the past couple of days, I've been having this sick in my mouth again, but as before, it doesn't hurt at all. I had my dinner about 30 minutes ago, if that helps diagnose it. I'm not getting MS anymore, so I know it's not that.

    Is it heartburn? If it is, perhaps I will start carrying Tums around with me in case it gets worse. But perhaps it's something else. I'm so confused, because everyone says heartburn hurts, but it's never hurt me, so I don't know if it is heartburn that I'm having...
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    May 11, 2009
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    I get that too. I don't really feel any pain, but end up burping acid, but only since pregnancy. I have a glass of cold milk regularly to keep things down.

    People tell me it's heartburn, but less severe. :shrug:

    Edit: My DH get's really bad heartburn, sometimes he's up half the night squirming because he's not feeling well. He says it sometimes aches or burns on his chest and, like me, burps up acid.

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