Reducing the risk of Miscarriage

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Jan 28, 2008
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Hi Everyone

Some of you may have seen some news items a few weeks ago about a new drug that helps reduce the risk of mis-carriage.

Now having had 2 mcs myself, I went to see my Doc and asked her about it. She knew nothing. But has wrote to me and asked me if I can find more info out.

So I have. I have just rang her medical secretary and gave her all the info. She went on line and viewed the same website as me, and printed off the page...(just stick University of Liverpool miscarriage drug into google and its the one you want)

Anyways, the drug is called predisolone, and my medical secretary has told me it is a steroid...and its cheap as chips so your Docs surgery should be able to dispense it!!!!

So, I was goin to put this thread in the mc section but I thought, well ppl who have mcd are likely to be in TTC now (like me). So I do apologize if I have upset anyone with this thread....

I so hope this will help us out!!!! I am looking forward to the Docs reply.....prob won't be until next week!!! Will keep you all posted!!

Sam told me about this also!! Do you know if they have it in Canada or just in the UK? I have had 2 m/c too and if this drug really worked would be a help! xx
Sam told me about this also!! Do you know if they have it in Canada or just in the UK? I have had 2 m/c too and if this drug really worked would be a help! xx

Well yeh they should do its a normal steroid....but it depends whether ur docs are ready to prescribe it as a mc risk helper.....

Print the info off and go see your doc....u never know they may get in touch with University of Liverpool??????

Hope this helps!!!

I know nothing about this but wanted to add i know about the drug from OH using it in the past for his Crohn's disease. He's luckily on another medication now as he got hamster face (common side effect of steroid use) and was most unhappy, poor soul!:)

Anyway, i hope you gets some answers and that it helps you are strong women and i very much admire you. Having had one mc myself, i wouldnt wish it on my worst enemy!

:hug::hug:, Omi xxx
isnt it used for asthma too????


ooot hanks for this hun i too have had 2 m/cs one natural the other a missed one and want to do everything i can to give my next baby the best start in life.

not sure what my doc would say about it though.

might write to the university and ask about the trials. x
I am currently taking prednisolone for rheumatoid arthritis and i'll be honest the side effects suck. I absolutely hate it and cannot wait to be weaned off the drug (which I am having to do really slowly, you risk death if you suddenly stop taking it)

The side effects I have had so far are rapid weight gain (3 stone in 3 months :growlmad:)
moon face - my face is completely round, I look like a different person it's horrible.

There is also a big increase in the risk of osteoporosis so I am having to chew calcium tablets like no tomorrow, which in turn make me constipated!

It is not a nice drug tbh, I would seriously consider the side effects before taking it.
LouLou feel really sry 4 u hun and just hope u can stop taking it asap !! by the sounds of it of wot loulou says i wudnt risk taking that...there must be sommat eles, ive had a mc and of course want my neat bfp2be a sticky one, but2take this? no i dont think i wud, my doc told me theres nothing as good as a baby asprin a day!! ive taken on everyday4 3mth now and will carry on :)
Thanks honey08,

I didn't want to put a downer on the idea, just share my own experiences of prednisolone.

I think if you are going to try it then definitely ensure you are fully informed and under the supervision of your doc. :hug:
Hmm those dont sound good at all...maybe I will steer away from getting it then. I have had the 2 miscarriages and if it happens again Im sure I am strong enough to get through it and by then doctors will likely do more tests to find out what is wrong anyways. For now I will just pray for a sticky and healthy bfp!! xx
Ooooh gosh, that's awful Loulou!!! Certainly makes you stop and think....risk of death???? SH%T!!!!

The symptoms that they say on their website is that there is possible weight gain.....nothing about anything else, crikey!!

Maybe they prescribe a lower dose for the mc thing??? There is a success story on and they dont say anything about these awful side effects....oh well, I will just see what research my Doc comes back with...and carry on taking baby aspirin and my pregnacare vitamins and my evening primrose and my angus and my metformin and my clomid and u get my frustration???!!!!! lol

the risk of rapid weight gain with any steriod is pretty big and they can put a lot of pressure on your heart so there are pro's and con's as with all medication.

Just found this too -
I have had two mc's myself and I talked to my doctor about what to do the next time I get pregnant to avoid another mc. He suggested progesterone suspositories. I haven't heard anything about this steroid. He specializes in infertility (as well as tubal reversals which are at a risk of mc) and he said that is what he has known to work the best.
Like all of you ladies here TTC, I will do anything to try and have a successful, viable pregnancy! Good luck to everyone and hopefully along with all of this extra information we will have our :bfp: soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :hug:
Wow, really surprised to read this thread. I have taken Prednisolone in the past for an illness and its really horrible stuff- i can completely empathise with LouLou. I was taking it to surpress my immune system - which basically meant that as a side effect i caught every cough, cold and sneeze around me! I also had to take other tablets to counteract the side effects - one was calcium tablets like LouLou, the other... i can't remember.... think it might have been something to do with water retention. When you stop taking it you have to slowly wean your body off it, so that your body doesn't go into shock.
I presume the benefit to early pregnancy is that it stops your body treating the embryo like a foreign body and flushing it out? With the side effects it can cause though, there's no way in this world i would risk taking it while i was pregnant.

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