Reitman's comfort fit jeans!

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - First Trimester' started by Sash13, Oct 28, 2008.

  1. Sash13

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    Sep 26, 2008
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    I had to buy new jeans tonight because i have a hole in the butt of my other pair. Didn't want to spend much money since I will soon outgrow them, so I went to Reitman's (my favourite store!) because I had a gift certificate.

    I bought comfort fit jeans for $40 - they don't have a fly or a button but rather a stretchy-ish band. They still look like they have a fly though. The jeans are SUPER comfy and will accommodate some first tri bloat :)

    Anyone else have tips on great clothes or tricks for using what we've already got?
  2. susanp

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    Thanks for the advice, wil definitely have to get a pair because I love wearing jeans.

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