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Aug 16, 2008
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Anyone scared about having a retroverted uterus :'( I guess me wanting the ultrasound at 11-13 weeks is because that is when the uterus is supposed to shift into it's normal place. And if it doesn't m/c can happen. I am so mad they moved my appointment dates.
I have a retroverted uterus too - sometimes it feels like my fallopian tubes are being pulled on and I have had all manner of pains going on since I found out I was pregnant. I wondered whether this was because my uterus had started to shift upwards. I have fibroids too and so my other thought was that could be the explanation also.

I hadn't heard that if it doesn't move it can cause miscarriage. I have a scan to come at 8 weeks, I'll ask then.
Hope you dont mind me saying this but hun, you need to stop worrying about everything and enjoy your pregnancy. there will always be a chance of something or a 'what if' But you cant spend the next 29 weeks like that!
enjoy it:D:D:D!! Most precious time!
x x
(Hope i havent offended you)X
Hi hun. So sorry you're stressed out. I also have a retroverted uterus. I miscarried my first (and only) pregnancy. I asked my doctor if this was why? And she told me no, my uterus had shifted, just one of those things.

Take care of yourself. :hugs:

When is your appt booked for?
Please dont worry hun (although you have juat made me worry:rofl:)

I have a retroverted uterus too, the docs have said all along that it makes no diff what so ever.... just been googling it and it says the problem of it not straightening by 12 weeks is very very very rare... and as others have said, there are other maybes that could happen too. We just have to be brave and believe that what will be will be. :hugs:
Good luck. Ive heard of this but only thought that it meant that sometimes the baby was hard to see in the scan. I bet u will be great :happydance:
I have a retroverted uterues and it has not even been mentioned since I became pregnant, it sorts itself out and goes forward about 12 weeks. Only VERY RARELY does it not tilt forward and needs a helping hand. DO NOT WORRY HUN :hugs: xxx
Never even thought to worry about it.. hope I don't start now!

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