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Discussion in 'Breastfeeding' started by petal040, Dec 21, 2009.

  1. petal040

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    I am thinking a lot about going back to work - even though I'm not going until May (can't help it!)

    My LO feeds frequently during the day. The last two days it's been on the hour every hour - maybe we are in a growth spurt but I'm not sure because I thought we did that last week - or maybe it is a long spurt hahaha...

    Anyway... she has always fed frequently since she started sleeping through. The longest she goes without getting hungry is two hours - but it is often less than that. Her naps now only last half an hour during the day too.

    I noticed from reading here that by the time babies are 8 months old a lot seem to only have 2-4 breastfeeds a day. My question is - when does it reduce to this number? I go back to work when LO is 7 and a half months old. I am hoping to try blw.

    My question is - when I go back to work - I could visit her at lunchtime to give her a feed. If she also has a feed in the morning, after work and at night (so say 8am, 12.30, 5pm and bedtime) should that be enough?

    If I didn't visit at lunchtime - would she reverse cycle or would she be too old for that (i.e. would she wake more during the night to feed?) or is it impossible to tell - because reverse cycling can be more about connecting than actually feeding?

    I need to decide how I want to do things and talk to my boss in the new year - and am not sure about the lunchtime thing... I am thinking - it might be good for feeding, but bad because it would mean two goodbyes a day which might upset us both if she is at that age???
  2. MelanieF

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    If you can visit at lunchtime - well, what a amazing privilege! Definately a wonderful opportunity for a cuddly feed. I'm sure you'll want to! As for whether or not baby will reverse cycle - it's hard to predict, as babys are all so individual.


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