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  1. charlie_lael

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    This is my reading from roseknows1111

    For this next pregnancy I see the months of DEC/JAN.* This can be for conception OR birth month but I am leaning strongly towards conception.* I also see the possibility of TWINS...* When this comes up it could mean a couple things... Either you will in fact have twins OR one of them will be a vanishing twin which is actually quite common. Either you will know you are having twins and then one simply just stops developing... OR the "twin" vanishes before you are even able to detect you were going to have twins in the first place!* A GIRL comes in more strong for me so I believe it would be twin girls (or just one girl if there is a vanishing twin)...* I see you both being very happy and complete once this new baby comes!! But I also see you both needing some time alone and to cherish it before more get added to the picture, and in this case could be DOUBLE MORE!! :)* Wishing you the best!!*

    I'm glad she said December like everyone else. :) I just wish they would say what year. :wacko:
  2. Wantinga4th

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    Nov 16, 2011
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    Wow sounds great! Fingers crossed it happens for you :thumbup:
  3. foquita

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    oohh I was so happy when I saw december there! I REALLY hope you do get your BFP next cycle and I hope I get mine this cycle and we can be bump buddies :D I would assume they mean this year! :hugs:
  4. paula181

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    Oct 14, 2010
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    I would think they mean this year! Twins aye :wohoo: do they run in your families?

  5. Wow!! Did we not just talk about twins??? LOL! How ironic!

    I so hope you get your :bfp: this next cycle! :hugs:

    Lots and lots of sticky bean :dust:
  6. charlie_lael

    charlie_lael Guest

    I know foquita that would be amazing. :)

    Yeah, twins definitely run in my family. My grandma had three sets of twins, boys, girls, and my mom was a twin with her brother, but my grandma didnt carry him full term. And my MIL has twin sisters. Lol. I'm surrounded.

    Thank you Paris. :) you'll definitely be bump buddies with me and foquita.

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