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May 4, 2008
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seems there's a lot of little shits running round at the moment! there was a knock on the door this afternoon whilst i was cleaning the bathroom, went down and opened it thinkin it was OH home from work early without his keys.

there was this scally lad stood there who says to me "i'm just wondering if you're selling your van?" i was like, well i dunno its my boyfriends, i cant say really. so they were like right ok.

So i goes back upstairs and carries on with cleaning the bathroom. when i'm done i go back down and take the cardboard out to the recycling bin. THE FUCKERS HAVE ROBBED OH'S WEIGHT BENCH!!!! i mean, they did do us a favour cos it was outside to get rid of, but still!!!! think they took it for the metal cos they left all the bolts and that.

hehe went to morrisons after and OH was like, is that the red van them scallies were in?? and it bloody was, the guy was pulling out of a carpark and must have shat himself when he saw me!!!!
Bloody idiots.....there's so many going about right now.....

(p.s had to laugh at the post tho as prob only us in the north west will know what scally's are) :rofl: XxX
I was just about to say i take it scally is a "northerner" thing lol
lol i hadnt thought that scally was a northern word!! what do you call them elsewhere?? i know its neds in scotland!
They're called Chavs in most places I think.

I just call them twats though :blush:
lol @ twats

Cheeky buggers!
we calls them Millies :D or well..i dunno what you'd call a guy here, 'hard nut' lol

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