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scan date


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Aug 31, 2006
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I have just had my scan and booking in appointment, its for the 8th whcih is a week today!

glad its come through quickly.

Great news Layla. I have my scan the same day so will be thinking of you. Cant remember what time though so will have to check. im sooooo forgetful lately and dizzier than ever since being pregnant!:wacko:
yeah its coz they are taking it from teh day of my last peroid, no from conception, so on paper it makes me about 13 weeks but really i will be 7 at teh scan.

my doctor did it that way so we could have an early scan to put our minds at rest after last time, then i will have the normal 12 week scan after

Congratulations Layla, really glad to hear you're pregnant!Soryr i've not been about much

Lots of love and luck

great news x
I have my scan on friday, not looking forward to it at all..... infact im quite scared incase they find something wrong with my little nick nack (Baby)
Layla thats great hun!

Wishing you al the best, im sure everything will be fine thouh, VERY pleased they seeing you so early :)

Great news Layla, havent got long to wait now yay !
YAY!!! :happydance::happydance: The best of luck hun! x
:hugs: That is wonderful....Good Luck!
How exciting... a little teeny tiny bean pic. :D

Make sure you post up!!!
Good luck for tomorrow Layla :happydance:

Now I've just realised why the 8th was stuck in my head ... I thought it was Tams birthday but its the 9th yet I had the 8th stuck in my head & couldn't figure out why :dohh:
awww you must be so excited, its an amazing thing to see! good luck hope all is well with bean xxx
I know she had a MW appointment after so hopefully we find out soon :dance:
Everything is fine, im 7+5 so now due the 20th Dec.

Going back on the 1st of June for my 12 week scan.

Not a very good pic, i havent got a scanner so i had to take a photo of it.



Aw thats great hun, looks like it has an arm and a leg sticking out!

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