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Discussion in 'Pregnancy - First Trimester' started by emma2810, Apr 18, 2009.

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    Apr 15, 2009
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    right ladies I'm a bit confused and require a bit of help pretty please :)
    those of u that have read my other thread that i've had some slight spotting/tad bit of bleeding over the last few days.I decided not to go to the GP yet as i had this in my previous pregnancy and its not a lot(touch wood it wont increase)so thought id wait until it gets worse,although i am still worried sick.
    I made this decision as i no the only thing they would do is sent me for an early scan-i had an early scan 'too early' in my last pregnancy so there was only a sac and couldnt see baby or heart beat,however all was fine when i went back a fortnight later all was well it had just been too early,as you can imagine going for a scan and not seeing a baby is the most horrible feeling in the world, hence why i dont want to go 'too early' again, obv if i bleed heavily then i shall go to hosp anyway,but while its not much i think i should wait.

    now...all the sites etc I ve found say a babys heartbeat can be detected on ultrasound from 7 weeks, is this counted form the 1st day of your LMP as surely by the time u take off your period week,and possibly 1-2weeks until yyou actually ovulated this would only make you 4-5weeks???so it'd be to early to pick up on ultra sound???i am totally confussled!
    at the mine(according to LMP) i am 6+1 so would wait till fri to see someone unless things get worse.

    praying everything will be fine!
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    Your pregnancy ALWAYS dates from the first day of your LMP, mine was 21st Feb, which is why i'm counted as 8 weeks. I had an early scan at 6+3 and saw the hb on screen. I think that the hb should be detected between 6-7 weeks, but if you want to be absolutely sure you see a hb, then you should probably wait until 7 weeks or after.

    I'm sorry that you've got this worry at the moment, but fx it'll be like your last pregnancy and everything will be fine when you get your scan next week. Good luck.
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    Have you thought about having your bloods monitored instead of having a scan the beta test will give you the HcG count in your blood and as long as it's increased after 48 hours then the pregnancy should be ok.

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    Well according to my LMP I am almost 7weeks today. I went for an early scan yesterday due to bleeding and we found the sac and yolk but no fetal pole yet. They told me to go back in 3 weeks.

    I must admit I am quite panicky but at the same time I know that I conceived only 26 days ago as I had late ovulation and it may be possible that the baby is still developing.

    After having the scan yesterday I would recommend that you wait as much as possible to avoid the additional stress and dissapointment for no reason ( easier said than done).

    Since yesterday all I am googling is "blighted ovum" trust me you dont need this kind of stress my dear.

    Lots of hugs xx

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