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Scan tommorrow


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Oct 27, 2007
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Come on then ladies, How much do you think LO will weigh when I go for my 32 week growth scan tommorrow.
When my son was born he was 4lb 3oz at 33 weeks. But on the graph (fundal height) he was on the small line, this baby is up above the big line, My belly messures about 2 weeks bigger.
So come on ladies guess how big you think he will be already. I think he is bigger than when my son was born. He just feels alot bigger and I keep getting told I look huge LOL.
Luv Cheryl xxx
I guess about 5lb 2oz hun.
I've got my growth scan tomorrow as well, have posted a thread over in pregnancy club. At least we get another chance to see bubs eh?
Yeah I can't wait, I am really really excited now. I probably won't sleep tonight LOL.
Luv Cheryl xxx
4lb 7oz Oooooh how exiting... i want to see my LO again :(
Thanks ladies, I hope he is bigger than my son was just incase.
Luv Cheryl xxx
Blob it won't be long til you meet your LO. Thats even more exciting.
Luv Cheryl xxx
I dont have a scoobies Cheryl but just wanted to say ENJOY!! x
Thanks hun, I can't wait now I feel like a kid before christmas LOL.
Luv Cheryl xxx
I have no idea so i'm not even going to try and guess but good luck for tomorrow, hope it all goes well :)
I'm going to gues...

4lb 10oz

Enjoy yourself, won't you. x
Thank you ladies, I can't wait I am sooooooooooooooo excited now LOL.
Luv Cheryl xxx
Aww thanks ladies, I can't wait now the time is getting nearer.
Luv Cheryl xxx

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