Scared of your own Children?


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Jun 20, 2007
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Yesterday one of my neighbor's son (hellion) was punching the little girls, including mine. His bad behavior is nothing new and I had all I could take. I went to his mother asked her just what she was going to do and this is what she said. "I try to spank him, but he hits me, kicks me and spits in my face. If I attempt to talk calmly to him, he curses me and says I'm a fat bitch." This child is nine years old and he runs their home. She has zero authority and has given up. She's even called the police and he curses them. I suggested sending him to boot camp. I was about to ask what is wrong with kids today, but what is wrong with the parents? Discipline can sometimes be a touchy subject, but I'm from the old school. This is how I look at it...I gave birth to my children. I bend over backwards to ensure they receive everything they need and most of the things want. The first time I looked into my daughter's eyes, I knew I would live for her, kill for her or sacrifice my existence for her. I love my kids above and beyond anything or anyone. But, they will not disrepect me, talk back or even attempt any of that other b.s. and they know what will happen if they do. I'm just curious how you'd handle this child. (demon Spawn)
i will start a boot camp and you can send him to mine :rofl:

i will kick him in to shape
Honestly .. i dont know what i would do. I havent got children yet but i would like to think that they would not be that naughty and evil. I would definately have to send them to some sort of boot camp or something.
OMG that shows alot about his parents really, needs super nanny or boot camp start a boot camp

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