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Sep 3, 2006
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This is smokey

This is Star

This is Lucky

This is Gem

And Lassie who sadly died a week ago :cry:
You have more patience than be anyway!!!!

Kids are bad enough :p

We just have a's in Kyle's room and i
honestly couldn't tell you what it's called!!!!

He changes the name like the weather lol!
This was my Tootsie :( But he's now with another loving family who happens to have the name Tootsie on here :lol:

And with my dog Rocky! (Whos now with my ex)
Ooooooooo Pooches!!!
Rachel your dogs are all so cute!!
Sorry about Lassie, *hugs*

Charley Dog, he lives with my mum and dad - he's 9 this year and is partially blind so if we moved him he'd be very confuzzled!

Macca Dog (aka dougal), sadly he passed away to Bonio Heaven a year ago last wednesday, miss him lots everyday. (love you dougal!)

Baby Lulu (asa loser) at 9 weeks old at my mum & dads house

Charley & Lu at mums house - Lu 10 weeks, first time she climbed the stairs and got to Charleys hiding place!

Lulu aged 7 months (nearly) looking very teddy bear like as lots of people have said! haha!

Lulu & her giant tongue (her mouth is fully closed!!)
Heres mine for those who are too lazy to go over to the gallery lol

This is Bruce our Jack Russel Terror (Terrier) dog,

This is Salem the black cat,

And Piglet the Guinea Pig,
This is Tootsie now. Living the life of luxury usually on my little Ben's bed :lol:
this is Gen she is two and a week
This is Sophie. She is 2 years old and has alot of energy, too much sometimes.
this is Roxy!!

she is only a couple of weeks old, we reserved her yesterday, picking her up on my birthday! :D

Awww Layla she's soooooooooooo cute!!!!!
What a nice thing to do on your birthday!!!

and here are our turtles

Red neck

and grumpy


LMAO mums Afghan had her hair shaved cause it was ragged bless her little heart.
Xena said:
:( I don't have any pets *sniffle*
me either, inless i count OH as my pet he makes more mess than a pet! :lol:
I stuck a pic of my OH here origanally an he huffed!! :lol: (Took it off)

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