Similar charts leading to bfp?

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive Over 35' started by jordysgirl20, Feb 4, 2020.

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    Anyone else have a similar chart like mine that led to a bfp? I could've sworn that I felt implantation cramping throughout the day 8dpo two days ago. It was a semi sharp pain followed by a dull/annoying feeling near my left ovary sometimes radiating a little further down most of that day (lower left side of my back yesterday evening). My temp is starting to rise again but no symptoms. Yesterday, I was craving meats really bad and I was hungry a lot at work but I just figured that AF was on her way because I usually crave meat (during) my period. Took a Clearblue digital test this morning (10dpo) and it said "Not Pregnant". Could that dip be like an estrogen surge or something then? Trying not to give up hope just yet. Im 35 ttc #1. Was successful last year during our first try in September but miscarried the beginning of October. We have been trying since with no success. S:N/ Not on fertility drugs, I was tested and was negative for PCOS or any fertility issues, progesterone levels are good, etc. Hoping to get our rainbow baby....


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