sleep problems - wwyd??

Discussion in 'Baby Club' started by LPF, Mar 31, 2011.

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    Lo used to sleep well, used to only wake for feeds then fell into a deep sleep after and gradually started sttn. So he never really had to learn how to fall asleep on his own in the night (does it a bedtime though?!?)

    6 weeks ago he started waking alot. Not hungry, nappy etc just very restless, agitated, crying ALOT and impossible to get to sleep. I put it down to the sleep regression but actually now i'm starting to think that it's actually just because he can't and doesn't know how to fall back to sleep in the night.

    Last night for example - he woke at 2am, I fed him although I don't think he really needed it. Straight after he was crying constantly until after 4am (I tried rocking, shushing etc) when dh eventually managed to rock him to sleep. He then woke an hour later with the same issue. Managed to get him asleep for all of 10 mins then he was up for the day.

    We've tried pupd/cd, shh/pat, he's having everything for teething, all others things checked. I genuinely believe when I see him at night he's crying in frustration at being awake and nothing we do is helping him learn or be able to get to sleep and stay asleep. He's napping terribly because of it and is quite disengaged, not smiling much etc because hes just plain exhausted. (he's not ill, reflux or growth spurt or anything)

    What do you do to enable them to fall asleep on their own? I don't mind getting up in the night with him for a feed, cuddle, reassurance etc but the hours of crying in frustration can't be healthy for him.

    Everytime we put him down calm he just kicks his arms and legs and cries immediatly. It's getting really difficult to even get him calm anymore. I think he's really confused and I don't know what to do. HELP!
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    Didn't wanna R&R hun but my LO is a bad sleeper too! We actually moved her into her cot at four weeks cos she hated her moses basket the more alert she became. Think she's really nosy so likes to be able to see out the sides! Before the cot we would spend ages rocking her to sleep only for her to wake up half an hour later crying! Since the cot she still wakes up a little but kicks around for a little while on her own and eventually falls back asleep! The times she hasn't gone back off, its been wind and that seems to be getting worse with age!

    sorry prob not much help :)

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