So I'm ready to go!


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Aug 31, 2006
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First driving lesson tomorrow

Did stick with my decision of doing my lessons and passing in an automatic - manual driving really wasn't for me.

Shitty thing is I've had to go with BSM until the local lady can take me on but I want to get going straight away and shes happy for me to change over to her when she can have me :dohh: Cheaper anyway by £5 a lesson :hissy:

Wish me luck - I've NEVER wanted to drive :hissy:
Good luck, I was terrified on my first driving lesson.. hope it goes ok!:hugs:
you will be fine :) good luck !!!
Good luck wobbles..sure youll be fine- haha I was never really bothered either 3 yrs later I think I loooove my car (no rain or cold school runs!!)

You will love it!
OH has his first driving lesson tomorrow, i'm to worried to even start, i get scared on a bike if anyone comes near good luck xx
Good luck, I was terrified on my first driving lesson.. hope it goes ok!:hugs:
I'm ok tbh because I've had lessons in a manual I seem ok in fact I think I'm calmer because its not in a manual ...really don't like it so hope I feel more comfortable in an auto.

Fingers crossed my hormones don't take over at any point :rofl:
Best of luck Wobbles! You will do great! :hugs:
OK have had confirmation the police have cleared the area and are awaiting your arrival...... :lol: only joking!! Good luck Wobbles :hugs:

You'll do great!! Knock em dead!!

:shock: not literally....

Lots of luck Sweetie!
Good luck hun, hope you enjoy :)
somat i defo wona do asap, im sure i wud only need 5lessons uknow, i did it 3yrs ago, but cudnt afford2carry it on, lost provisual now aswell, wud after replace that aswell, there no where as cheap as that ere tho, think cheapest is £12 per lesson!!!!!

good luck the other way belive this i CANT drive auto !!
Good Luck!! I'm sure you will do great!!
remember you get double points for old ladies :rofl: Good Luck!! :)

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