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    My cervix feels firm to the touch, but it has a little squish to it.. I don’t know how to explain it, but it’s the best I can do. My s/o x I are ttc, but the thing is, we did it.. 5 days in a row, starting 1 day after ovulation. I would’ve done it earlier, but i didnt get to because I didn’t arrive in Cali til a day after o. I did based on what Flo says. I don’t want to say I’m preggo, but my cervix is normally lower after I ovulate.. I use the flo app, but I don’t think it’s accurate anymore.. says Aunt Flo is supposed to be now in 7 days, but I doubt it.. I slightly had a bit of back stiffness today, but that’s bout it. If this helps, I’m irregular.. which is why I think the Flo app isn’t accurate. Cervix is high, though. And I thought it was soft while pregnant, which is why I’m doubtful!
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    Honestly, cervix checks have no meaning unless you are closer to labor and delivery due date. It's because cervix position and texture changes everyday and is different each cycle even though you may be monitoring for a few months and it depends on a lot of factors. It's unnecessary to check your cervix unless recommended by an Ob/Gyn, as it introduces unwanted external bacteria into your vagina and disturbs the natural pH balance of that area. You can say that you always wash your hands well etc, but it does no good. Moreover everyone is different, there is no hard and fast rule that cervix needs to be of a specific kind to say if you're pregnant or period is nearby. It's completely based on each individual's body.

    If you've BDed around the time of ovulation, you have a chance! So wait until you miss your period or test after 10-12dpo if you have extra pregnancy tests at home. Good luck! :)

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