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Sooo excited.......


Proud Mum of 4
Sep 22, 2006
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Just delivered new pushcair/travel system. DH is now downstairs trying to put it togeher. Hope the air isn't too blue down there. I know i sholdn't have spent a £300 on new as we have car seat and pushchair from dd &ds, but car seat now nearly 6 yrs old and decided i'd like something where car seat fits to base so not carrying baby around. Also has a carrycot and pram (can be forward facing).
Having spent all this money tho think we'll have to have no 4;)

All we need now is the baby to go in it:D

Hot baths, curry, pineapple and sex (although a little diff with spd) here we come.:rofl:
Aww how exciting for you, just cover your ears lol
He's normally more patient than me. Retreated upstairs to pc b4 cooking tea, and let lo watch beebies for a while. Haven't got enough hands to cover 2 pairs of ears:p
Lol just turn telly up then!!
what pram have you got? sorry if i missed a post you mentioned it on
Bought an i'coo infinity travel system from online4baby via ebay. DH originally saw car seat on Hot deals at kiddicare and as per usual we end buying whole travel system:rofl: Shopped around tho and found cheaper by £30 complete with all raincovers. Just waiting for adaptor clips to put car seat onto base but should have within the week (just out of stock at the mo) .
I got babydan Gate/pen thing from Online4baby
You think your mad buying whole system?
Jack is 17months old and i have just bought him a new cotbed!!!:dohh:
will ahve a looky later :)
Pretty impressed by onlinebaby were really helpfull when phoned , ordered fri am and was delivered this afternoon by business post. As it was big purchase and was paying by credit card i orderd it all over the phone no hassle. Hope the adaptors arrive without probs.
:rofl: @ buying cot bed. Could last a while depending on how tall your little man is. Can always use it as an excuse for another lo in the future:D
No no no no no more!!!!!!
The cot he had was from Ikea and it was on small side so when he was moving he was waking up :s
This is huge though could never imagine a tiny baby in it as Jack looks tiny
says is suitable up to age 7 so.....
Good it lasts so long. Never say never. We'd debated on number three and were still debating when fell pg. I'd nearly decided to stick with 2, no more night feeds, nappies, potty training (just embarking on it for second time) etc, but fell pg. Sure it was fate as i'm now in process of trying to buy business so if we'd decided a bit later would have to wait a lot longer. With a bit of luck the whole business thing will be done just as i'm finisihing ml.

Think may have n04 at later date maybe but will prob be a case of if it happens it happens.
phew 4 i can't imagine that!!!
No i really don't think i could cope, i was so ill carrying Jack it wouldn't be fair and there is no way am leaving another 7 yrs between lol
Jo I have just noticed your age gap,same as me,lol

Is it bad? I keep thinking oh god.!!

Sorry Caroline didnt mean to hi-jack your thread and great news on your pram

Bexxie it is a great age gap to have, Emily is sooooo helpful, especially now that Jack is older, she'll sit and play for ages so i can get dressed in peace etc...
There will be nearly six years between this lo and Gabriel. I think him and alisha will propbably fight over helping tho. Especially as alisha loves her dolly/baby.

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