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Aug 31, 2006
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I have spoke to Tam breifly about this.

I was wondering from anyone who had/has SPD when you first starting getting signs?

At about 5 weeks I got this horrid pain, ache, pull stretch ... It right between my fairy & inside of thigh ... kind of in the crack between ... does that make sense?

It really hurts when I move sometimes. It went away but came back soon after & since it's been on & off.

Tam said her SPD started in exactly the same place but much later than I am now ...
I had it mild aparently on Coby, for mild it was pretty painful so i feel sorry for those who get it full force, i didnt get it till i was about 20+

but it says on this site that altho its more than likely to happen in teh 2nd tri, you can get it at any time..


some good info on there about it

Yer Tam said when I ever first mentioned it she said to Paul "thats how my SPD started" but didn't tell me! It went away but on its return I asked her to which she said "I knew this would come up".

I can't see what else would cause it. Never had it before & it comes & goes sometimes for days.
they reckon i only had it mild so i cant really comment on it, im sure Tam and Imi will be able to tell you more, and anyone else who had to bad.

but with mine is got worse the more i showed (the heavier i got) it was very dissabwling some days, and i cried getting out of bed and getting dressed.

The key for me was to keep moving, it didnt seem as bad then, but the min i would stop and sit, it would hit really bad, so it was a bit of a horrible circle, moving helped keep it at bay, but the more moving i did, the worse the pain was when i finaly sat or laid down.

Monrings was my worst time, having a nights rest then trying to get up and get dressed, was angony.

Yer it hurts when I'm sitting down more.
My joints are so inflamed that i forgot what walking sitting normally feels like!

The only way i can describe it is agonising! feel like my pelvis is being pulled backwards!

Go see your MW to get put on anti inflamitories .... wish i had sooner!

:hugs: Wobbs, i hope it is just stretching pains. Mine staarted early, but at the time didn't register what it could be.

I got similar pain at 8 weeks andended up getting emergency appt at mil GP.

B4 this i was getting a lot of problems with lower back/hip with pain/seizing up, so painful i couldn't walk.

Around 16 weeks i sat on floor and couldn't get up, and turning over in bed was agony. Slightest amount of bending and i was stuck in one place. I remembr being in agony making mince pies.

Around 18-20 week i got pain shooting around groin/pelvis when walked, saw GP (not my own) who gave me painkillers.

At 24 weeks could barely walk, was shuffling like an old lady, so saw own GP who referred to physio, and within 10 days was on crutches.

I bought a special belt from a company online that holds hips together.

Hope this helps.

Please feel free to pm, or i'll give u my msn addy, if you want to chat/ask further questions.

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