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Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by FJL, Apr 16, 2007.

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    We're heading into our 6th month of TTC, and I want to go through some natural therapy treatment, but don't want to waste our money incase DH may be the problem.

    So i've made an appointment for him with a doctor for this Wednesday for a sperm count. Can anyone tell me exactly how this works and does anyone know statistical rates for problems with sperm counts?

    Anyone had them done? How did the results fair? I'm a bit nervous actually, and if there is a problem I think i'd prefer it to be me rather than him, because he will stress a lot of he is the problem.

    Does he have to give a sperm sample on the day of the appointment? How long until the results?

    I know that doctors won't test until 12 months of trying, but i'm pretty sure a sperm count isn't considered the 'testing' part of fertility testing - is that right??

    Thanks guys!
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    The ones they do via the GP aren't fantastically reliable but they do give you an idea. OH had a couple done and they came up with different results. The problem is basically cos you produce the sample at home and then have to drive it to hospital within the hour and then it depends on how long it takes them to look at it the other end as to how good the results are.

    I think it took about a week(ish) for the results which he had to ring up for. They test more than just count:

    A semen analysis will examine the following factors:
    Semen volume and appearance.
    Sperm concentration
    The percentage of sperm that are seen to be active.
    The quality of their movement.
    Number of sperm that are normally shaped.

    Our GP offered to do a sperm test after we'd been trying 8 months. If they don't get a brilliant result then they'll do it again.

    We managed to get through this bit of the testing by trying to see the funny side. There is something a bit ridiculous about sperm tests. Keep that chin up. :hugs:


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    You can buy home kits too :D

    I dunno if they are recommended though.

    Good luck


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